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Peace be upon him, who obeyed Allah secretly and openly Peace be upon the son of the Garden of refuge. They did not take into consideration their duties with respect to you. Wa be akheehel wabna a'mmehil anzai'l bat'eenil a'alamil makeene A'liyyin Amiril momineena wa be Fat'emata Sayyedate nisaa il a'alameena wa bil H'asan iz zakiye i's'matil muttaqeena wa be abi A'bdillahil H'usaine akramil mustashhadeena wa be auladehil maqtooleena wa be i'tratehil maz'loomeena wabe A'li yibnil H'usaine Zainil A'abedin Wa Moh'ammed ibn e A'liyin qiblatil 'awwaabeena wa Ja'far ibne Moh'ammedin as'daqis S'aadeqin, wa Musa ibne Ja'farin muz'heril baraaheena wa A'li-yibne Musa naas'eriddeene wa Muh'ammad ibne A'liyyin qudwatil mohtadeen wa A'li ibne Muh'ammadin azhadiz-zaahedeena wal H'asan ibne A 'Iiyin waarethil mustakhlafeena wal H'ujjate a"al khalqe a'jmaee'na' An tus'alleya a'la Muh'ammedin wa aale Muh'ammadiis'saadeqeenal abarreena aale t'ahaa wa yaasiin wa an taja'lani fil qiyaamate minal aameneena-1 mut'maenneenal faaezeena-1 fareh'eenal mustabshereena, Allahummak tubni fil muslemeena wa alh'iqni bis's'aaleh'eena waj a'lli lesaana s'idqe fil Peace be upon the heads that were raised on the lances. Assalaamo a'la-1 khaddit-tareebe.

Assalaamo a'la-r raas il marfue'. Peace be upon the deluge of the (martyrs') blood. Required fields are marked *.

This dua is mostly recited on day of ashura or naruto ashura, ashura otsutsuki, indra ashura, indra and ashura, ashura and indra.

Protector of the oath and promise. Assalaamo a'la shaheed ish shuhdaae. Allahumma la tadaa'i fi had'al mashhadil moa'z'z'ame wal mah'allil mukarrame d'amban ilIa ghafartahu wala a'iban illa satartahu wala ghamman illa kashaftahu wala rizqan illa basat'tahu wala jaahan illa a'mmartahu wala fasaadan illa as'lah'tahu wala amalan ill ballaghtahu wala dua'an illa ajabtahu wala muz"ayyaqan illa farrajtahu wala shamalan illa jama'tahu. Flaming Sword Bromeliad For Sale, Yellow Barred Tiger Salamander For Sale, Salutations of the one whose heart is wounded due to the tribulations (suffered by you). And you proved to be perfectly obedient to Allah. Hoories of Paradise slapped their own faces in your grief. |, LuluBox - Allow you to unlock all skin of FreeFire, LuluBox - Allow you to unlock all skin of FreeFire APK.

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Peace be upon the one who was attacked with spears from all sides. A translation of the Ziyarat is given below, for those who are not acquainted 14.07.2019 Ziarat Nahiya Urdu Translation - Duration: 31:26. Peace be upon Husain (a.s.), who sacrificed his remaining life Assalaamo aIa-l mahtookil khebaae.

Download & View Ziarat E Ashura With Urdu Translation as PDF for free. Facebook Twitter YouTube. Why You Gotta Do Me Like That Prequel Ad, Ziyarat e Warisa - Ziyarat e Warsa with Urdu Translation - Duration: 10:37. O the one who is a swift reckoner and the most munificent of the munificent ones.

Thus the pleader came near the grave of your grand-father, the Prophet (Peace be upon him am his progeny) and pleaded with tears flowing from his eyes he said, '"0 Prophet of Allah!

... Ziyarat e Warisa - Ziyarat e Warsa with Urdu Translation - Duration: 10:37. Signature: d40edcecec71e04bd5faaf0. Your progeny were taken as prisoners ... [4] Spreading the true religion of Allah, Wilayat e Ali (asws

And satisfied Him, and were awed by Him, and were attentive towards Him, and satisfied with His wish and will. Hadees e Kisa recited by Maulana Raza Ali Abidi - Duration: 8:21.

Add to Wishlist. Peace be upon Shoeb (a.s.), the one whom Allah helped (for achieving victory) upon his people. Deewan-e-hafiz (farsi With Urdu Translation) November 2019 346. s'ufedu fil h'adeede.

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Hadees e Kisa recited by Maulana Raza Ali Abidi - Duration: 8:21. PLATFORM. One who is aloof from your enemies. Be reh'mateka ya arh'amar rah'emin'.

And the one strived much in the way of Allah's obedience.

And for the sake of his brother who is the greatest mine of knowledge and wisdom, that is Ali (a.s.), Amirul momineen and for the sake of Fatema (s.a.) the chief of the ladies of the worlds and for the sake of Imam Hasan (a.s.), the purified one and the one who is the refuge of the Muttaqeen (those who fear Allah most) and for the sake of Abi Abdillah Al Hasain (a.s.) who is the most honored of the martyrs. New releases.

Assalaamo a'la Dawood al lad'i taaballaho a'laihe min khat'iatehi. Bank Of America Rv Foreclosures, Peace be upon the Imams, the guides (of mankind).