Jeff Sipe AD: Sink would be the word. Too, bassist Alex Dmochowski would go on to play with Mayall in the 1970s, and guitarist Jon Morshead was friendly with fellow axeman Peter Green (also in the Bluesbreakers' A Hard Road lineup), whom he had replaced in Shotgun Express. He was!. Then we'd go out on the road again and when I'd get back, I would have to start over again because I wouldn't have the chance to practice on the road. Zak Starkey John "Jabo" Starks They were one of the top bands in England at that time. Dunbar began playing at 15 in a band called The Yardbrooms. Ben Riley As soon as you get stuck into counting, you forget what is happening out front.

Andy Newmark Steve Gadd Karl Latham I said, . People who are born with Saturn as the ruling planet are disciplined and are hard workers. I wanted to play violin when I was seven, but my parents wouldn't buy me one because they thought I would just waste the time and money. In England, at that time, American records were about four years behind. RM: You also did the movie 200 Motels with Ringo and Keith Moon. I also played with Jimi Hendrix. It's something you learn through understanding what your job is and what it should sound like as a finished product. That, to me, is completely amazing. Aynsley Thomas Dunbar (born 10 January 1946) is an English drummer.

Elvin Jones Harold Jones RM: Who were the drummers you were listening. Alan Dawson Joe La BarberaDanny BarcelonaTravis Barker Famadou Don Moye Waka/ Jawaka was also a jazz album. Gene Krupa Russ Kunkel Al Foster Nasheet Waits Jeff Queen George Spanky McCurdy Jason McGerr Russ McKinnon Marvin McQuitty It wasn't anything special, but I thought it was neat it was a different sound-sort of a power thing.

Top Secret Drum Corps Karl Perazzo By that time I was actually playing rudiments better than my teacher, so all he could do was help me read music and understand it. The band's first single, 1967's "Warning"/"Cobwebs" (the A-side of which was covered by Black Sabbath), was released on the Blue Horizon label, though their four LPs would appear on Liberty. Matt Chamberlain But I've taught Scotty Ross how to do it as well, and he's quite good at it. AD: Joe Morello, Bellson, Roach, Elvin Jones, everybody who was playing modern jazz. AD: I like the albums I've done with the Starship, of course. AD: I basically understand what I should be doing by common sense. I think anything beyond a 5 or 6-minute solo is a waste of time. He didn't have any idea of which side of the beat he was on half of the time. Bernard "Pretty" Purdie Like many famous people and celebrities, Aynsley Dunbar keeps his personal life private. Poogie Bell Tito Puente That way, when I go on stage, there's no sloppiness. I went from playing seven days a week with Mayall to one day a month with Beck. Nat Townsley Aynsley and Sting recently connected backstage at a show. David Garibaldi

Jimmy Vincent For in- stance, The Grand Wazoo was almost a jazz big-band record. But I don't think there are too many people in San Francisco that I want teaching me. Hamid Drake Lee Pearson John Bonham Carmine Appice Now, I come offstage feeling great, happy, and everything else. But some- times I can just close my eyes and let him ride out awhile. At this point, it seems that it will be a rock and roll album. I suppose the first Journey album was interesting as well. With over 30 gold and platinum records from over 112 albums, Aynsley Dunbar has proven himself one of the finest drummers in the business for over forty years, whether as a member of a band or as a session musician. Jonathan Joseph He'd just call out a song and tell me whether it was a shuffle or whatever, and give me a nod if there was a break. I feel really great about the site and I hope you enjoy as much as I enjoyed putting it together for you. But it's always interesting because he is a very good musician. Glen Sobel John Blackwell Todd Sucherman "The Rev" Sullivan Matt Halpern I told him l never sign contracts that are one-sided. You spend more time counting out the bars than you do listening to the music and understanding it. By just having the snare drum first, I spent more time practicing the basics. Chris Parker Don Brewer While all of that was going on, Zappa came to town and left a message for me to talk to him. It was through the Beatles that they started moving records across the ocean faster . Stints in several Merseybeat groups had culminated in his joining the Mojos, and Dunbar played on a couple of singles by the group, though these were cut after their British chart hits. They like to criticize you note for note as though they have higher ideas about what should be happening up there. Dunbar had by far the most impressive career after the demise of the group, going on to play with Frank Zappa, Journey, and Whitesnake.