In the Call of Duty Warzone, players have access to a large choice of weapons and tactical equipment. Despite its poor damage and low bullet velocity, the M13 is still one of the most accurate weapons around. Call of Duty Warzone Meta – The best place to find the best loadouts for Call of Duty Warzone. Here is our Warzone weapon tier list for Season 6, which contains all 43 primary weapons in Modern Warfare. Besonders drei ganz ähnliche Sturmgewehre sind hier stark und beliebt – alle drei teilen sich ein Schadensprofil und unterscheiden sich durch Feuerrate und Handling: Je nachdem, wie viel Rückstoß ihr in Kauf nehmen wollt, wählt bei euren Allround-Waffen eines dieser Sturmgewehre. There are multiple parts to a customized class: primary weapon, secondary weapon, perks, lethals and tacticals. Besser geht es halbautomatisch eigentlich nicht. On Verdansk, AK-47 only appears in the best possible variant - Epic and Legendary. With a high mag size, great ironsights, fast handling, extremely controllable recoil, and an astonishingly high DPS, in its current state the FiNN might be the very best gun in Warzone, full stop. timeout Mk2 Carbine's stats and average damage per bullet are as follows: Model 680 is one of the shotguns available in Call of Duty Warzone.

Dennoch haben wir uns daran gemacht, eine Tier-Liste über alle Waffen in Call of Duty Warzone Season 6 zu erstellen und sie in eine lose Rangliste zu packen. AUG's statistics and average damage per bullet are as follows: The PKM is by far the best light machine gun available in Call of Duty Warzone. Moreover, this weapon has extremely high accuracy. The colour of such crates is different - they are orange or purple. Some say he used to be quite good at Rocket League. The one caveat is that it’s big and bulky and takes ages to reload, so be sure to check out our best PKM loadout above if you want to see how best to ready yourself for battle with this superb gun. The Undead Forces Bundle is available now in the store for #ModernWarfare and #Warzone.

Also, the .357 doesn't have a large weapon magazine, because you only store 6 bullets in the weapon's chamber. #FreeCallofDuty, — Call of Duty (@CallofDuty) April 16, 2020. If you pop on a a 60-round mag or monolithic suppressor it absolutely melts. Unlike the PKM, the MG34 has a difficult to control, often completely random recoil, making it difficult to shoot accurately in long bursts. Unfortunately, PILA is a "fire and forget" weapon because you only have 1 missile, and when it is fired, the weapon becomes useless and you have to replace it with another one. LMGs are fully automatic weapons with high accuracy and reliable damage. }. S Tier FiNN, PKM, Grau 5.56, FAL, HDR, MP7, Oden, SP-R 208

The SP-R 208, one of two new weapons added in Season 6 of Warzone, is a powerful Marksman Rifle that has quickly cemented itself as a top-tier gun.

ASSAULT RIFLE. Ordinary weapons do not have any mods, while Legendary weapons will have as many as five. Allerdings sind Headshots bei der SP-R sehr wichtig, was viel Übung und Können verlangt. In the early stages of gameplay, AUG is an extremely good weapon, but can also be useful in the middle stages of gameplay. Das macht allerdings nichts, wenn man den exzellenten Basisschaden berücksichtigt, legt man seine Gegner immer noch irrsinnig schnell aufs Kreuz. AK-47's statistics and average single bullet damage are as follows: Class B features average class weapons that usually perform well in the early stages of gameplay, but do not stand out in any particular way. Yes, we know. In Verdansk you can find two variants of this weapon - Epic and Legendary.