It is true for every name or it is restricted to specific ones?

Well, I would probably like this mechanic as a flavor mechanic - so light buffs here and there. Names can give up to 5 perks; which make it a very decent bonus if you get the max. so, that's interesting. Based on your name you receive perks or penalties. Don`t know what you did too this thread, but now it is constantly showing as a new message, and all previous posts are not showing for me. When I came back, making a name reminded me of bonuses and i tried to find the posts that listed these. Since it changes every month it's nice to have fresh names people can use so they can play the game. since the names are not valid anymore. I remembered reading a post, and maybe one or two others that listed starting names and name bonuses. So, it is for the player to just try some names and play around with what they want to use.

Just edited it. (so lists of names on the internet are only accurate for max 1 month). Mescalito got me a few decent perks but figured it was tied to the difficulty settings, not the name itself. Shortly after I quit playing This Land is My Land for a while. ok, thanks, are those bonuses/negatives applied and displayed directly at character creation so you can change the name to get other ones or do you have to restart if you don't want to keep them?

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Instead of trying to find a name.

That's why best way to get a decent name is to ask the community in-game or on discord. Best names I found so far after some hours testing: -Chief Whispering Cardinal (Maxed out skinning, +25 weight) -Doctor Wobblesssssssssss (Maxed out Skinning, +170 health, +80 stamina) -Frank (Stun with a Stone, +960SP, +90 Stamina) -Herr der Ringe (Maxed Herbalism, +70 health, +25 weight) -Penguin (Concentration passive, +180 health) -Dog food (health regen passive, +260SP, +25 weight) -Doggy … You would have to delete the game and start a new game to use another name! Papacinl - +50 Health, Health Regeneration (Passive), +1500 SP, +225 Stamina, +30 Weight.

These are completely random and reset every month.

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Fishing for a name that has free bonuses, rather than using the name you'd actually prefer to use, is off-putting.

would love to know what algorithm(s) is creating the stats. TRAINERS CoSMOS REQUESTS QUEUE BOARDS REWARDS SUPPORT We … Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). Discussing Lineage Names on This Land is My Land PC message board and forum (page 1). They may be 'just starting stats' but for many they are important stats. Yes, your name, has bonuses or negatives. Had no idea it was producing random stats. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries.

I have to click to come here like 2-4 times before I see the other posts. Based on your name you receive perks or penalties. The perks/penalties are based upon the letters you use for the name. Chief Screaming Eagle: +150 HP, +830 SP, +30 weight. © Valve Corporation. Some perks are more interesting than others: SP for example is easy to gather in this game but weight is only increasable through skill, name or warpaint.