It was hard to say no to SpongeBob when he flashed him those big ol’ eyes of his. Let see some others before choosing.". Send to Friend. MARGERIE: I hope Mr.Perkins won’t fire me from the News Station. "I have a date."

", "Are you sure?

= Appalled that she was not awarded the Master Belt, Sandy becomes her own Karate Sensei to help out other young karate students to get what she deserved, this includes Spongebob.

I guess Gary was right.

After two weak hits, Spongebob finally breaks the wood with his karate chop. Some people here are crazy. Thank you..." SpongeBob continued walking to the door.

After getting a bearing on her surroundings. Larry angrily tries to snap the block of wood using his knee and fails epically. They looked each other, their eyes were shinning, SpongeBob forgot to put his helmet, is despair when he entered Sandy's tree dome, but this kind of helped the situation. She is a friend of SpongeBob and Patrick. Sandy just was just standing there staring him leave. The toilet flushes. The story begins with Spongebob & Sandy walking to the Krusty Krab. Spongebob is not a black belt so he fails at Junji and lands in a pile of glue of which Gary has to go and get him out of. ", ~Bubble transition screen to SpongeBob's house.~. FUZZY: Not only did you save this Sensei 20 more years of life but you have performed major excellence and stamina on Goju-Ryu! Well, I'm your Black Tar Heroin dealer!

Squidward discoveres a new feeling welling up inside him, but also remembers his pain from the past.

Staying up all night for three days straight in order to pass an English exam is also another thing that he could handle. I will also make other things to though. Nat's fin hits the wood and vibrates in pain.

Who ever you date you, will love you! 2 hours later sandy texts him and says that she couldn't make it to his house today not even to say.

FUZZY: Shì! She and SpongeBob share a favorite pastime of karate, and frequently fight each other for fun. ", "Oh! BUT someone does not want them together! Adventure's From The Deep Blue Sea Characters, SpongeBob: War For Bikini Bottom Characters, The Mr. Krabs and Patrick Show characters, A montage is shown of many Karate teachings. Now anyways, I be..

From outside, someone saw them together.

by lovespongeboborelse Follow. A collection of stories in different fandoms. She turns to see Fuzzy Acorns coming up in Karate position. He has to figure out what he wants and has to try and forget about the things that happened long ago. Let's go!

"Go SpongeBob you can to it!".

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Sensei Sandy is here! He saw Gary in his front, then behind him, then a big Gary screamed "MEOW MEOW MEOW". He ran inside her bathroom, but when he saw her, his eyes sparkled even more, seeing how beautiful she was in that dress. SpongeBob could see Sandy's body through his water helmet, she sure was beautiful. Gary is in bedroom door already, he look at him and say "Meow" ironically. I want to be perfect! "Thank you so much! The Sponge dude? I don't remamber how me and Spongebob got to his pineapple house, but we are in his bed.

SANDY: Oh shut up you silly sponge. It was friday night at 10:00 Pm. What do I get?! She wears a wetsuit with a helmet, and a flower on top. ", SpongeBob notice Sandy is noticing he is worried, so he changes his voice and expression to super happy and says: "Of course not Sandy! However, in Warriors of Bikini Bottom, she dates Tupac and in the events of A Cat Named Kenny, it is impied she has a crush on Benny in Kenny VS Benny. Sandy spoke with a heavy southern accent, as she is from Texas, and uses typical southern slang words and phrases.