Along with an exit from the European market, Infiniti will be killing of its smallest crossover, the QX30.

Even though the luxury sub-compact crossover market is booming, Infiniti was never able to sell enough QX30s to meet its sales goals. Compare Infiniti QX50 vs Nissan Rogue; Compare Infiniti QX50 vs Nissan Rogue. If you'd be so kind as to allow our site, we promise to keep bringing you great content. Sales were down significantly in 2018, and things look even worse for 2019.

This one continues to confound us. With Nissan now offering all-wheel drive and the turbocharged variable-compression engine in the much newer Altima, it’s hard to justify a place in the world for the front-wheel drive Maxima.

Click on the icon for your Adblocker in your browser. Check your in-box to get started. An Infiniti spokesperson told CarBuzz that the "QX30 has incurred disappointing sales results globally, and we concluded that there is no longer a viable business case for it to be offered in our lineup.". The A3 Cabriolet will be discontinued in 2020, an Audi spokesperson told Car and … The 500 has been in production since 1957, but was first introduced to the United States in 2011.

This page is for personal, non-commercial use. Even the decision to change the car from its initially planned hatchback bodystyle and 'Q30' name was not enough to help the QX30 sell well in the US. A recap of all things electric vehicles, ride-hailing, airlines, and more. The National Automobile Dealers Association has named COO Michael Stanton as its next chief executive. We’ll highlight a few possibilities for you below. Of course it’s selling poorly, but that’s because Nissan hasn’t done anything new besides release special edition versions of the car for years now. Toyota announced in February that 2019 would be the last model year for the Prius C. Volkswagen has retired the iconic Beetle after 81 years of production due to declining sales. And free is good, right?

In 2018, Infiniti moved a meager 4,479 units. since. "The Cascada has played its role in the portfolio perfectly, outselling many other premium convertibles while bringing in [six of every 10] buyers from outside GM," the automaker told Automotive News. A drop down menu will appear. You still haven't turned off your adblocker or allowed our site. Infiniti still sells the Q70 and Q70L (long wheelbase) versions side-by-side, but they don't sell well. Even though the luxury sub-compact crossover market is booming, Infiniti was never able to sell enough QX30s to meet its sales goals. All rights reserved. By clicking ‘Sign up’, you agree to receive marketing emails from Business Insider

Even compared to its poor 2018 sales performance, 2019 is looking even worse for the Q70. as well as other partner offers and accept our, Visit for more stories, James Bond won't like this: Aston Martin slips deeper into crisis after reporting a massive profit drop, The 10 cars owners ditch after less than a year more than any other, according to data, The 11 coolest cars we can't wait to see at CES, I seriously considered buying a Tesla Model 3, but I decided against it — here's why. If you'd still like to buy a QX30, likely at a discount, there should still be plenty of 2019 models sitting at US dealerships until supplies run out. Starting Price (MSRP) N/A. We haven't heard much in the way of a successor but we wouldn't be surprised if the company's next sub-compact SUV is built in house. 2021 Infiniti QX50. "However, it has reached the end of its originally-planned lifecycle and 2019 will be the last model year offered.". With Infiniti set to exit the European market, the Nissan Sunderland plant in the UK will no longer build the QX30 for global consumption.

General Motors stopped producing the Cruze in March of 2019, according to USA Today. The exact text will differ depending on the actual application you have running. Fiat sales in the United States were down 44% last year, according to CNN. Stanton, 52, will start his new duties Jan. 1, … With both the Focus and Cruze riding off into the sunset, the compact sedans that are left may have a little bit more pie to fight over, too. Infiniti says it will now focus on its largest markets in North America and China as well as smaller but growing markets in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Thanks for that. Nissan says other models built in Sunderland, including the Qashqai (known as the Rogue Sport on our shores) and Juke will be unaffected. Audi is stopping TT production, but plans on replacing it with a fully-electric model, according to the automaker. The larger A5 Cabriolet has had stronger sales than the A3. It only takes a few seconds. The QX30, despite its Infiniti badge, was actually a Mercedes GLA 250 underneath. If it dies, we won't be expecting a replacement, unless Infiniti has something electrified up its sleeve a few years down the road. Last week, Nissan announced it was cutting 12,500 jobs and 10 percent of its global product lineup across its brands (Nissan, Infiniti and Datsun). Lincoln redesigned the MKC and named is Corsair, according to Forbes.

Most of the models are being retired to make room for new models, in many cases sedans in favor of crossovers and SUVs. You must be logged in to perform that action. Infiniti still sells the Q70 and Q70L (long wheelbase) versions side-by-side, but they don't sell well. The car will be discontinued after the 2019 model year, according to Motor1. Account active The QX30 was discontinued because of poor sales, a spokesperson told CarBuzz in March. Nissan is still producing the Rogue, but the hybrid version will not be in production for 2020, the automaker told Motor1. Most of the cars were taken out of production because of falling sales, or to make room for new cars. A leading-edge research firm focused on digital transformation.