Afterwards I was able to re-configure the deConz and authenticate to the Phoscon-GW and finally re-add my devices.,,,,,,,,,,,, ConBee "read-only", suddenly cannot send any packets. compatible icon. These relate mostly to interference errors, sometimes with WiFi in other cases, if no USB extension cable is used, it might be interference with the PC or peripherals. Hold the remote control close to the light and press and hold the, The light should now be paired within 1 minute by the Phoscon App, Unplug the ConBee II and wait 10 seconds, Connect the ConBee II again and wait 10 seconds.

Does your log still shows these 0xE1 errors?

What is the proper way to reset this device back to factory so I can start over and get my devices re-added?

09:16:14:026 COM: --dev: /dev/ttyUSB0 (ConBee) If the brightness was less than 80 %, it will be set to 80 %. Shouldn't happen again with the new firmware. You signed in with another tab or window. A list of all compatible Friends of Hue switches can be found at Compatibility list →. The following list gives an overview of the growing number of supported Zigbee devices. Community and developer exchange about deCONZ, device integration, home automation systems and much more, Developer questions about the open REST-API deCONZ and device integrations, For all questions about the Phoscon App beta version. Phoscon App documentation →. The range in buildings is up to 30 m and in free field of sight up to 200 m. We’ll occasionally send you account related emails. found a zll.db inside the deConz docker session and deleted that, however that still didn't let me add devices back to the ConBee. There is a new hidden page which can be used to restore the network in operational state: Stop deCONZ container: docker container stop deconz. 02:40:26:135 0xE20DB9FFFE042137 error APSDE-DATA.confirm: 0xE1 on task That has to be run from the root HassIO OS tho with the DeConz addon shutdown/stopped. log The light is reset to factory settings when it flashes briefly. 09:16:12:495 device state timeout ignored in state 2 In this example the smart plug is updated. [image2.png], Sent from my iPad 02:12:26:908 max transmit errors for node 0xE20DB9FFFE043DDE, last seen by neighbors 11 s Then from an SSH session on HassOS I issues the following to update the firmware on the ConBee: docker run -it --rm --device=/dev/ttyUSB0 --privileged --cap-add=ALL -v /lib/modules:/lib/modules --entrypoint "/" marthoc/hassio-addon-deconz-aarch64 Mine is now running: 09:16:09:539 device state timeout ignored in state 2 The version number of deCONZ has the following format 2.05.xx.


02:40:44:153 Device TTL 3350 s [image]<, Looked like that post was mainly referencing ConBee II (mine is the first gen if that matters).. 5 seconds each. I "think" I have it working to the point that I can get the rest going as well. 09:16:07:496 device state timeout ignored in state 2

Press the button matching the Zigbee channel on the switch for 10 seconds. Anyway, for anybody else who has the same problem, hopefully it can be fixed. Examples: IKEA, Philips, GU10, E27, motion sensor, temperature etc. If the ConBee II does not appear in the list and deCONZ is running in a virtual machine or a docker container, the USB device needs to be added to the virtual environment.

09:16:14:060 dev /dev/ttyAMA0, Sent from my iPad I'm not following how to do this but I think I have the same problem.

Already on GitHub? I then loaded a previous config but no change in operations so far.

02:40:24:789 0xE20DB9FFFE042137 error APSDE-DATA.confirm: 0xE1 on task GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. For more information, see our Privacy Statement. In this case the next steps should be performed to re-establish the connection. If it helps -- I get this repeated in my deConz LogFiles. To be able to pair an IKEA TRÅDFRI light, it must be set to factory settings. Once the switch has been paired to the network, it can be easily configured via the switch editor of the Phoscon App.

02:12:29:023 max transmit errors for node 0xE20DB9FFFE04217B, last seen by neighbors 920 s

02:40:24:789 0xE20DB9FFFE042137 error APSDE-DATA.confirm: 0xE1 on task. On the phoscon landing page there are 2 items, but the one labelled conbee is greyed out. If the ConBee II has been registered in the system, the manufacturer and product code 1cf1:0030 will be shown for dresden elektronik and the ConBee II. 09:16:14:028 void zmMaster::handleStateIdle(zmMaster::MasterEvent) not connected goto OFF state Disconnect your ConBee or ConBee II from your deCONZ system. 09:16:09:037 COM: --dev: /dev/ttyUSB0 (ConBee)

02:12:37:724 max transmit errors for node 0xE20DB9FFFE044031, last seen by neighbors 929 s Hopefully this will help someone else in the future. Is there a way to salvage or do I just need to replace? 09:16:04:045 void zmMaster::handleStateIdle(zmMaster::MasterEvent) not connected goto OFF state 02:12:37:724 max transmit errors for node 0xE20DB9FFFE044031, last seen by neighbors 929 s 09:16:04:564 device state timeout ignored in state 2 The following steps guide you to check and fix problems of a deCONZ installation and the ConBee II. I have confirmed that it is connected to the right port (/dev/ttyUSB0) and seemingly is seen by my docker. ConBee and ConBee II are actively maintained and supported by deCONZ control software. Learn more, Thanks for the email. Afterwards the light resets to factory settings and can be paired by the Phoscon app.

This ensures that already fixed problems of earlier versions do not occur. Sent from my iPad By clicking “Sign up for GitHub”, you agree to our terms of service and

Please update to latest version 2.05.64 and then firmware 0x26330500. If you have technical questions about our products, our support team will be happy to help you. Check the MAC address of the device that is to be updated. The headless deCONZ version is not supported yet. No need to reset that. I think that image I used was for 64bit (the aarch64 section at the end). ConBee II: GCFFlasher -d COMX -t 60 -f Y Example: GCFFlasher -d COM3 -t 60 -f deCONZ_ConBeeII_0x26580700.bin.GCF; Flashing will begin and should show SUCCESS when done. Do device registrations not get stored to the stick itself? Connection problems may occur if the ConBee II is attached directly to the USB port or is located near USB 3.0 devices such as external hard drives or memory sticks. 02:40:23:590 poll node e2:0d:b9:ff:fe:04:21:37-0a Seems like that's what I need to reset or delete a file off of. Unplug the ConBee/ConBee II and insert it in the main deCONZ system and verify that the firmware is updated. — Under certain circumstances it might be necessary to delete the app data in the browser cache to force an update. We use optional third-party analytics cookies to understand how you use so we can build better products. Deconz was shutdown, I found it back on the docker version of the page... had 3 versions but latest was only 26240500. Also when I saw the picture you have on the left it was because in my Home Asistant configuration I wasn't using the /dev/ttyUSB0 as I had changed it during all my testing and trial and errors. Typically ships within 1–2 days. Didn't work for me... not technically running HassIO, regular docker on Ubuntu. I've got a ConBee II connected to a RaspBerry Pi 3B running Raspbian Stretch. Remember the image type and enter it in the corresponding field on the LEDVANCE page. 09:16:06:495 device state timeout ignored in state 2

Phoscon App > Menu > Settings > Gateway Mine was saying not connected. 02:12:38:814 max transmit errors for node 0xE20DB9FFFE044A17, last seen by neighbors 930 s, Start search for lights in the Phoscon App, Switch light off/on 6 times quickly (reset sequence), The light flickers briefly, then switch it off/on once again, The light should now be paired within 1 minute by the Phoscon App. I run HASS and it reflects what I do in phoson but again the light bulbss themselves do not respond. Each deCONZ release includes the latest Phoscon App version. I have been having issues where my devices would stop reporting their status to home assistant.

I reset a few light bulbs and have made some progress. Short overview of features of the Phoscon App that can be used via smartphone: Lots of discussion about deCONZ in connection with other home automation systems as well as suggestions for new ideas also takes place in the community. This guide requires the deCONZ GUI with at least version 2.5.71. Devices further away are connected through the Zigbee mesh network. 02:12:21:813 0x0000000000000000 error APSDE-DATA.confirm: 0xE1 on task

I'm running deCONZ 2.05.63, installed from the package in the README. 09:16:08:496 device state timeout (handled) Check that a connected ConBee II is registered in the system. The Phoscon App offers an update from deCONZ at regular intervals. Switch the FLS off and on 2x for approx. 02:40:26:135 0xE20DB9FFFE042137 error APSDE-DATA.confirm: 0xE1 on task This is primarily for users who prefer a gui over the command line. The average range of IKEA, OSRAM and Philips Zigbee devices is approximately 5-7 m. Important: In order to have read and write access to the device, the user must be in the dialout group as described in the installation instructions. Our support will be happy to help you. Firmware 26280500 09:16:04:045 device state timeout ignored in state 2

On Apr 25, 2019, at 8:36 PM, Corey Johnson > wrote: 02:12:53:411 max transmit errors for node 0xE20DB9FFFE071DD7, last seen by neighbors 945 s. You shouldn't need to find any specific files.. just run the docker command I posted earlier in the thread. Download the OTAU file via the button Latest. Both devices offer the same Zigbee functionality. You can always update your selection by clicking Cookie Preferences at the bottom of the page.

The process can take up to 5–10 minutes.