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But Tyler’s past returns when his ex Elle (Kimberly-Sue Murray) starts to text him again and Kara learns that Elle is one of her clients, so it is quite a shock. “We were interested in exploring the issue of: What are the biological things that love does to you, when it takes over the most intellectual parts of your brain?” Bloom says. Change ), 90 Day Fiance – Before the 90 Days: Season 4 (2020). Entertainment Value: This is a fun, brisk Lifetime thriller that leans on familiar threads, with an obsessed ex, boyfriend with a dark past, and a lead that can’t seem to catch a break, but it throws in some nice, fresh twists as well. Be the first to contribute! The film's climax saw Kara confronted by Elle, who ended up shot to death by Kara in self-defense; however, Kara's visit to Laura and her daughter revealed that Elle was set up by the former. She turns in some impressive work here and really shines, with a lot of charm and presence. The former is essentially the foundation of the story; it gradually becomes unraveled, and by the resolution of the film, collapses.

Like those now-romanticized cinematic trash heaps of yesterday, Lifetime is driven by quick-and-dirty productions and cheap thrills. She’s trying on these different personas to make sense of her situation.”, That search for identity is what makes Rebecca, despite all her woman-on-the-verge-of-a-brekadown–ness, such a relatable character to viewers trying to reconcile the many societal demands of being a woman in today’s age., she had her to put the ad in the paper about wanting to be raped…it was the only way to catch “L’. The plot progressives nicely, with conflicts for the characters arising every twist and turn. “It’s very hard to navigate. Featuring many compelling characters, we follow them on this frivolous journey facing love, angst and suspense. Laura, in addition, turned heel by revealing that she was the one who posted the rape fantasy ad as part of Kara's plan to eliminate Elle, and after her reveal, the evil Laura informed Kara that their collusion would remain a secret. Psycho Ex-Girlfriend (2011) Plot Keywords. Every single scene shows the audience another part of Laura; as we uncover her burdens and past, we finally get to see her become the strong and beautiful woman she is. Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

Laika Lalonde, portraying the character Laura Fisher, has shown off amazing acting talents that should not go unnoticed. Psycho Prom Queen.