This is the first game in which the background music is not set in either C major or G major; the BGM is in F major.

Rautenflagge Soy Paper(BavariaFest) 12. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The standard worker's uniform consists of a black kimono with green and salmon trim, a green apron with a sushi-designed "buckle," salmon pants (a skirt for female workers), white headbands with the same sushi-design on the front, and black shoes with green laces and gray soles. April 21, 2020 The app was officially announced on February 24, 2020. Papa's Sushiria To Go! Matt and Clover are the default workers in this game, as they were the winners of Papa's Next Chefs 2016.

Papa's Sushiria to trzynasta restauracja Papy Louie'ego. In the build station, the order you put the fillings in doesn't matter, just as long as you put it the correct fillings, and they are evenly spaced. Coupons are great for completing quests and strategically leveling up customers! Koilee has waist-length curly ginger hair with bangs that slightly covers her eyes. Mix the flavored teas with milk then add tapioca pearls or one of the many other deliciously flavored bubbles.

Can you turn your luck around and m…

Matt/Clover/Custom Worker arrives at the restaurant where Papa Louie welcomes him/her and gives him/her a tour of the new restaurant. Perfectly cook, season, and spread the rice with the all-in-one "Sushi Square".

The game will start in 10 seconds! It will feature a lot more customers, more ingredients as well as the replacement of the Cut Station back to the Tea Station. Your day takes a turn for the worse when you break Papa Louie's lucky cat statue. The following day, Matt/Clover/Custom worker returns to the Sushiria, only to find a sad Papa Louie behind the counter. Multi-task between cooking rice, building and slicing sushi, and making bubble tea [2]. Może wyślesz im kilka kuponów za pomocą listonosza, Vincent! The game takes place in Sakura Bay. Pokrój i serwuj najsmaczniejsze sushi w Papa's Sushiria. The game takes place in Sakura Bay. Papa’s Sushiria!

Papa's Sushiria Deluxe is a game by Fanofkinopio where you cook, top and slice the best sushi in Sugar! Klienci uwielbiają dobrą ofertę i szybko przyjeżdżają, by zamówić więcej żywności. W grze można grać jako Matt Neff, Clover lub jako własny pracownik. Is this to blame for the restaurant's underwhelming opening day? Została wydana 13 grudnia 2016 roku jako prezent na gwiazdkę. Coupons are great for completing quests and strategically leveling up customers! The game takes place in Sakura Bay. Walkthrough. Papa's Sushiria To Go!

Advertisement. 'iro (色)' means color in Japanese, therefore soy wraps ending with 'iro', are colored (excluding akai, meaning red). Papa's Sushiria is the 13th game in the Papa Louie restaurant management series. The other closers retain the same costumes from previous gamerias.

Play the greatest games on! Kupony są świetne do wypełniania zadań i strategicznego wyrównywania klientów! Loading Game. The custom worker is invited to prepare meals for Oomisoka, a Japanese celebration occurring on 31 December. The Bronze level prizes from six of the seven minigames are the, The Silver level prizes from the minigames are the. Papa's Taco Mia To Go!, Unlock all Cherry Blossom Festival toppings, Checkpoint in Papa Louie Platformer Games, Have Whiff's order ready when he arrives and serve immediately, Get 5 Blue Ribbons from Jojo the Food Critic, Don't spend any money in the Shop for 7 days, Buy any 4 Flooring or Wallpaper from the Shop, Change your worker's shirt, pants, jacket, and shoes, Earn a Prize in each of Foodini's Mini-Games, Earn 5 Prizes or more in each of Foodini's Mini-Games, Win a Rare Bonus Prize in a Mini-Game by earning a Star Medal, Earn 3 Special Stars when serving Today's Special, Master a Special Recipe by earning 5 Special Stars, Master 10 Special Recipes by earning 5 Stars on each, Master 20 Special Recipes by reaching 5 Stars on each, Unlock all of the Standard Rice and Papers, Unlock all of the Standard Placeable Toppings, Unlock all of the Standard Sauces and Shakers, Serve 20 customers during Halloween wearing any Halloween clothing, Serve 100 customers while wearing clothing that matches the seasons, Serve 20 during Christmas wearing Christmas Hat and Fur Parka, Wear a shirt, belt, jacket, and hat to match the current holiday, Dress your chef and server in the exact same outfit but with different colors, Have 10 different kinds of bubble gum in the lobby at once, Use lots of musical furniture so 3 or more customers are dancing in the lobby, Grab 250 coins while playing Papa's Raceway, Send 10 Customer Coupons to your customers, Throw away 5 fully-sliced sushi rolls in one day, When dining in, fill the customer's sushi with their friend's favourite fillings instead, When dining in, make the Bubble Tea for their friend's order instead, Papa's unique time-management cooking style, Create unique bubble tea to serve with the sushi, Earn colorful stickers by completing unique tasks, Use stickers to unlock new outfits for your customers, Strategically send coupons to lure customers back, Over 49,360,000 items to buy in the clothing shop, 7 fun Mini-Games with tons of prizes to win, Use your tips to buy upgrades for your shop, Weekly paychecks and raises as you level up, This is the first computer-based gameria where, This is the first game since holidays were introduced that does not include the, This is also the second gameria after Papa's Cheeseria where. Papa's Sushiria is the location of the game's second dungeon of Songeria Showdown. $1.99 USD$2.99 AUD The tour ends and Matt/Clover/Custom Worker leaves, but walks right into the Maneki Neko (Lucky Cat) statue that is outside of the restaurant, breaking it.