Today they have signed many celebrity endorsements likes of Tiger Woods, Roger Federer, James Blake, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Ronaldinho and Christiano Ronaldo. Attracting and Retaining the Best Talent: Gaining and keeping greater market share: General Guidelines for formulating HR Policies, Global Strategies and Environmental Practices, Economy, Employment, Goal, Human Resource Management, Leadership, Work, Economy, Employment, Human Resource Management, Human Resources, Labor, Leadership, Organizational Behavior, Cultural Diversity, Discrimination, Economy, Employment, Human Resources, Multiculturalism, Economy, Employment, Human Resource Management, Human Resources, Recruitment, Work, British Airways, Discrimination, Employment, Human Resource Management, Human Resources, Organizational Culture, Strategic Management, Economy, Employee Retention, Employment, Human Resource Management, Human Resources Planning & Development Assignment 1, Issues Faced by Human Resource Management, Questions on Recruitment and Workplace Diversity, Tasks on Human Resource Management and Recruiting, The Issues of Human Resource Management Strategy. If I were in Nike’s shoe, however, I would be cautious of the merit that automation can actually bring. “…greed, for lack of a better word, is good. Personal ethical commitment can select one: a. help guide behavior in the absence of supporting laws. [1] Even if I am proven wrong and Nike opens up a few factories in the U.S., the efficiencies gained from automation will not go unnoticed. While the organization values profits, its purpose is to spread the pleasure of art to as many people as possible. As such, how should Nike respond in an era of protectionism and isolationism? Nike’s R&D in sustainability, not just in manufacturing broadly, may help it competitively should the re-shoring trend continue. A) establishing norms that filter down through the organization. It takes every one of their more than 30,000 employees working at the top of their efficiency and delivering value for NIKE, Inc. to reach its … An example of how a culture that was cultivate with the ethical misgivings and a skewed moral compass is the energy giant, Enron. The company is dominated by low risk taking and high attention to detail. A major component of gaining an advantage over competitors could be in terms of human resource management and [...]. Nike enjoys a big competitive advantage in their effective marketing strategies and their innovative product design. How to figure out determining the best strategies for different type of diversities? In the ensuing 10 years, the task forces have expanded IBM’s multicultural markets. Really nice and well-supported piece. I worry about making any serious, capital-intensive decisions in response to Trump’s isolationist posture. With the impacts of globalization, there are few more classes added to this law listed as ‘protected classes’. Which of the following, if true, helps explain why she quit? Fortunately for students, there are many offers nowadays which help to make this process easier. That is why Nike does not call its employees, employees, yet, team members, because each part of the team has something to add to the business. And again they saw a big emerging opportunity in China and spread their network to it as well. This example has been uploaded by a student. Yet, after a few weeks, she quits the company. Organizational culture is maintained through a process known as attraction-selection-attrition (ASA). I think you touched a key point when you said that North America is expected to drive only ~16% of total company growth through to 2022, this has to be in the back of Nike’s mind when they analyze their financials going forward. Protectionism is currently en vogue among the world’s politicians but many of the jobs that have been lost to technology are not coming back. To address your questions, I can see Protectionism as a double edged sword for US jobs. Which of the following characteristics of an organization's culture indicates the degree to which management decisions take into consideration the effect of outcomes on employees within the organization? Studies prove that, if diversity is managed properly than we can enjoy a great deal o boos in sales. In this globalized world, what the US should think about is how to better educate its people so that they can assume the jobs with high value in the value chain. Furthermore, this may also be an opportunity to take advantage of local incentives that may be offered for construction of new facilities (like Tesla was able to capture for building its Gigafactory in NV).