Samantha PotterWhen I opened my eyes, I was in the woods. The Muggles were running and then I could see what looked like I once saw.

This could have been me, Siri and Phoenix right now.

I screamed and then saw the man in pain, as I got nearer I saw his face. And then boom, 6 Stunning Spells to my chest. ""Let's move!" "Ah, Cokeworth!" Greyback said, howling. I was walking to Charms alone one sunny morning, not expecting anything major to happen. "Full of Mudbloods and Muggles!". Sirius groaned and opened his eyes,blinking several times from the blinding light. I said. I was shocked, he looked exactly like Lily.

And I was right, I heard sirens and closed my eyes. Muggle children were crying families were running away, Fenrir has a crooked smile. Transforming, Sirius allowed the werewolf to drag him out and to the Hospital Wing. But something did. "CRUCIO!"

Samantha Potter is James Potter's twin sister and the first Potter in Slytherin, due to fear, she becomes a Death Eater and goes on and kills Muggles, even injured Lily Evans' father. When I opened my eyes, I was in the woods. WE ARE GOING TO HOGWARTS! It was evening and the air was cold against my skin. I just thought maybe you would like to see some of her stuff." Bellatrix stepped out and smiled at the crowd with her scary smile, then flicked her wand and made a table explode. Something that I would never forget. I looked around and saw Bellatrix, Regulus, Greyback and Malfoy with me. There were children playing even in the dark and adults talking.

She loved anything silver for some reason, thought it made her look elegant which it did. "Ah, Cokeworth!"

HOGWARTSSSSSSSSSSSS," Azalea screamed as she bounced up and down on him. When they got there, they saw Harry sitting up, a bandage on his arm where it’d … She screamed, I raised my wand to her chest and she took hold of my cloak. "But Siri! Samantha Potter: James Potter's Twin Sister, Welcome to the World, Phoenix Samantha Black. Read Ti crucio il... from the story Marauders Humor by eccentricbabe (☀️A sunny day☀️) with 2,423 reads. "Imperio." WE ARE GOING TO HOGWARTS SIRI! I stopped torturing him and and I raised my wand again. And pointing their wands at me.

I have no choice but to follow them, until there was a picnic area. I want you to get up,"Azalea complained "Well I have a better … Bellatrix exclaimed. marauders-era maraudersera siriusblack marauders remuslupin jamespotter harrypotter lilyevans peterpettigrew hogwarts maraudersfanfiction sirius jily regulusblack marlenemckinnon remus wolfstar potter padfoot gryffindor moony

"The Muggle security might find us!". I looked around and saw Bellatrix, Regulus, Greyback and Malfoy with me. "Full of Mudbloods and Muggles! Until someone threw a rock at the back of my head and then at my face. Thinking of a place where I want to stay, I then thought of my home. Greyback said, howling. "YOU BITCH! Read hot and popular stories about marauders on Wattpad. Bellatrix exclaimed. This time with a curse I felt like I was under for years. As soon as I stopped, a women ran at me and strangled my neck.