We began calling ourselves Balkanarama in 1997 and have played at dances, parties, weddings, festivals and nightclubs in the Pacific Northwest ever since, now with Krk (the man, not the island) on six-string bass. { "quantity":"1" Makedonia Ksakusti composed by Traditional Greek Folk Song - Digital Sheet Music (Easy Piano). For a limited time only, enjoy FREE Budget Shipping on orders of $70 USD and over!Simply choose FREE Budget Air/Ground as your shipping method during checkout. The charts credit song authors and source recordings to the extent of my imperfect knowledge. Most are from the repertoire of Balkanarama, the Seattle dance band I helped start in 1997. sheet music: free: Traditional dance in 7/8 rythm, for violin, accordion, guitar and bass: Cockles and Mussels - Irish folksong: sheet music: free: for flute of other melody-instrument and piano : Comin' Thro' the Rye - Trad. There’s a good case for C# phyrgian in there. By the way, the first half of Flook’s recording of the tune is available at http://www.flook.co.uk/tracks/gentlegiant.mp3. [P.S. All Rights Reserved. -There is no b(2nd) at all through the tune so: efg g_a gf | e2 d cd eA | e2 d de dc | c2 A cd A2 :|, F Phrygian has two sharps, F & C, like D Major. gb_a ga gf | e2 d cd eA | e2 d de dc | c2 A cd eA |


12 pages. The use of a G Major chord as a Dominant in bars 3 and 7 suggests that they would have played any g’s, had they occurred, as g naturals. M: 7/8 ABB BA GD|GAA AG FD|FGG GA GF|F2D FG AD:| Lead sheets are PDFs created in Finale and show notes, chord progressions and, if there’s enough space, lyrics and translations, which otherwise are shown on a separate lyric sheet. Thanks for the link, have a cousin who is a guitarist and have sent him the link, Here's a link to a 1000 macedonian songs in sheet music. M: 7/8 We’ve released three CDs, two of which are available at CD Baby: Nonstop, Black Sea (an out-of-print curiosity), and Balkanarama Live. |: cdd dc BF | Bcc cB AF | ABB Bc BA | A2 F AB cF | You consent to our cookies and privacy policy if you continue to use this site. Print and download in PDF or MIDI Macedonian Oro. |: cef g2 g2 | g_aa gf e2 | cef g2 g2 | gb_a g4 | like taking a chinese waiter’s question for an order or an ulsterman’s order for a question!

Notice: For playback of this sample, your browser will need the current version of Adobe Flash Player installed and working. Thank you! K: Dmaj Arranged by A Srebotnjak. "productId":"prod3158874", I will add Zamini when I get to Z. I read your reply to Lucio about posting the music.

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