"Naturally, anybody is going to have some cull cattle, and I do cull them," he said.

"The best thing that's ever happened to him was that he got Classic and Monarch," says Lorene, and Blackie agrees. They are resistant to insects due to their thick skin. "And really, I don't know that commercial cattle are making much money anyway, the price of them right now. "It was a hobby until it got to where it would make money, then naturally I was doing it for the money," he continued. Also no one would cross the longhorn with a Hereford as a mother cow? Blackie got into Longhorn cattle as a hobby in 1962.

We were lucky to have 'em, to be in the Longhorn business.". [6] The original American Brahman cattle originated from a nucleus of approximately 266 bulls and 22 females of several Bos indicus (cattle of India) varieties imported into the United States between 1854 and 1926.

"You could buy the cheaper cows and raise roping steers or commercial bulls for those big ranches, or you could buy the high-priced cows and go with the people who are trying to buy the longest-horned, prettiest cows. Then the great bulls Classic and Monarch came into his life, and things have never been the same since. But there's really no substitute for firsthand experience.

MountainFarmChar Cowhand Posts: 172 Joined: Wed Oct 11, 2006 6:42 pm Location: EastTN. When those friends come to visit, they're treated to a showing of some first-quality Teas Longhorn cattle. Discuss grasses and how to grow and harvest them.

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"Or if they were going to try to raise for the commercial bull or roping steer markets, then a lower-priced cow with not quite as long horns or as pretty a color will raise just as good a commercial bull as one of the real high-priced ones," Blackie noted. "I think Monarch probably breeds just as good as Classic, but I haven't done as much advertising on him, and haven't bred him as much, and his horns aren't quite as long, but you know I showed you some awfully pretty calves of his."

Lorene worked until the spring of this year as manager of a small restaurant in Dayton. Stemming from ancestors that were the first cattle to set foot on American soil almost 500 years ago, it became the sound end product of "survival of the fittest". "I wanted some as a hobby to start with, and I got a bull first; then Mr. Partlow over here, he gave me the first cows I had. Cattle Breeds - English Longhorn English Longhorn History English Longhorns (also known as Longhorns) are not related to the American or Texas Longhorn whose ancestors came from Spain.

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"I do think we're going to have to start paying more attention to conformation and pedigrees in the cattle than we have in the past," Blackie continued. Brahman cattle live longer than many other breeds, often producing calves at ages 15 and older. Judging by the quality of the cattle they raise and the value they place on their friendships among Longhorn breeders, Lorene and Blackie Graves have given back to the business as much as they've gotten from it, or more.

[2]:137[3][4], The Indian-origin Brahman cattle breed is named after the Brahmins (Hindu priests), who themselves are named so on account of being (in principle) seekers of Brahman, the cosmic spirit. "That helped me more than anything I ever did," he said. Brahman cattle are known for their extreme tolerance to heat and are widespread in tropical regions. Anything that doesn't fit in the other boards. For years, the Graves Longhorns grazed contentedly across the coastal prairies, virtually unknown to but family members and neighbors, doing what they do best: producing calves. More education is needed to show commercial operators that beefy is not always best. And I think everybody else who's crossed Longhorns with Herefords or whatever else has had good luck with them.". I want to retain the heifer calves, from the Longhorn Brahman cross, and breed those back to a Charlosis bull. A commercial cattleman, however, often thinks "beefy" when he uses the term. That's the only place I knew to get any.". All Rights Reserved. Cattle Breeds - Texas Longhorn Texas Longhorn History The Texas Longhorn was fashioned entirely by nature in North America. The American Brahman was first bred in the early 1900s as a cross of four different Indian cattle breeds: Gujarat, Ongole, Gir and Krishna Valley. "When I first got into those things, everybody made fun of me for having 'em," Blackie recalled, laughing with his customary good humor as he remembered introducing "them little ol' narrow things" to Liberty County. In other words, he was out of Classic's full sister and his daddy, so he's got a little bit more of a concentration of that blood in him than Classic has.".