Five Faces of Darkness, Part 5, Although the Autobots figured this to be the end of Trypticon, in actuality, the saurian city survived and started stealing national monuments to pay off Octane's debt to Abdul Fakkadi. Prime announced to his shocked allies that the giant was no longer "Acropolex", ruin of a forgotten age, but "Metroplex", the symbol of a better future. Emerging fom his underground birthplace, Metroplex transformed from city to battle station mode and took off for the battleground. Metroplex accessed the prison where Chromia was held and directed her to free Windblade from Vigilem. He was able to drive the Quintessons away but the city was largely gutted when he broke himself free making it something of a pyrrhic victory for the Autobots. However, Thundercracker realized that letting the Decepticons have Metroplex would only lead to harm and departed without reporting his finding, creating a sonic boom that splashed energon all over the sleeping giant in the process. The Great Transformer War #3, In 2011, one year after the curing of the Hate Plague, the Decepticons launched a major offensive to take control of Cybertron. Preoccupied with keeping everyone inside him from dying, Metroplex was left to take all of Trypticon's attacks on the chin, including his Dual Plasma Cannons and Dino-Head Attack.

All That Remains, Starscream posted a detachment of Badgeless soldiers to guard Metroplex's space bridge, with traffic between worlds heavily regulated. There, he agreed to help upgrade the Technobots so they could counter the upgrades he was forced to install in the Terrorcons. MetroPlex™ is gentle and there little danger of overdosing. First Aid proceeded to enter Metroplex's body during the fight and aligned the cog properly, allowing Metroplex to fully transform and, yet again, fling Trypticon into a body of water. This character article is a stub and is missing information on their fictional appearances. 2 #4, Though he was cured of the death plague, Metroplex was still badly damaged and only operating at 50% capacity. Unfortunately that footage had been deleted and Chromia's back up cache of data had been corrupted. LG-43 Trypticon Project Chapter His injuries and loss of his cog rendered him unable to transform into robot mode during the Battle of Autobot City years later. The titan was unable to withstand the assault. Fakkadi, however, summoned the Autobots to his country of Carbombya to help oust the Decepticons that had taken over, and Metroplex delivered another sound defeat to Trypticon, tossing him into the ocean yet again and returning the stolen buildings to their rightful place. You can help Transformers Wiki by expanding it. Hound was seen projecting a hologram of Metroplex during construction, presumably as a blueprint. The fight was distinctly one-sided, and before long, Metroplex had successfully driven the invading aliens off. **It was submitted by Waldemar, 22 years old… Five Faces of Darkness, Part 1 While they were busy suffering numerous setbacks (including nearly getting killed by Galvatron and being stranded on Jupiter's moon Io), the immobile Metroplex was attacked by the Decepticons' new mobile battle station, Trypticon, who had been created expressly to serve as Metroplex's opposite number.

Menasor and Bruticus had Superion outnumbered, but the heroic combiner was able to hold the line long enough until Metroplex's construction was finally completed. Aftermath and Rebirth The two communed as Windblade noted from reading his systems and spark that he had been planning to leave Cybertron. Full Throttle Scramble Power! Thief in the Night, As part of his deal with Unicron to ensure their mutual resurrection, the ghost of Starscream possessed Scourge and invaded Metroplex, stealing the giant robot's optical units. The Emperor of Destruction Vanishes on an Iceberg, It wasn't long before Metroplex got another shot at Sixshot when he and Trypticon attacked Autobot City again. However, just as he was to destroy the last of the towers, it shot Metroplex point blank in the chest, felling the mighty giant. Although it is a common belief that Metroplex is unable to fly, Metroplex was depicted as being able to fly in robot mode in the final episode of the Japanese exclusive Headmasters series. According to his Heroes of Cybertron card, Metroplex can lift seventy thousand tons. This time came quite soon, as Metroplex accompanied the Autobot Headmasters to Alaska and engaged Sixshot in an aerial battle while the Headmasters dealt with Galvatron. Misguidedly trying to reach out to Caminus, Windblade/Metroplex warmed up their space bridge, even though such a jump would destroy the entire city. As the battle moved to the vicinity of Autobot City, Metroplex flew into action and aided his comrades by blasting the Constructicons out of the sky.

Bonus Edition Vol. Super Robot Lifeform Transformers #3, Fight!

As one of the original Titans, Metroplex's purpose was to travel to new planets and help sow Cybertronian life, sleeping in city mode until the time came to move on to the next one. Ping Though he managed to break free, his brain module was disconnected by Windblade and Lightbright to save his life in order to trick his undead brethren into thinking he was dead. Little did any of them know, Metroplex had been infiltrated by Ratbat, who observed the entire upgrading process in secret. Japanese continuity inserts many new stories into the gaps in the cartoon timeline, several of which focus on Metroplex and the story of how he was created, which went unexplained in the American cartoon. Part Two. Being too busy to help, Alpha Trion recruited the aid of cityspeaker Windblade and her comrades Chromia and Nautica, sending them to Hydrophena to protect Metroplex. Shazraella was able to physically impair the transformation sequence allowing the villains to make their way to the last point of his city mode. Fearing for the worst, Optimus pushed on, but was captured by the Decepticons, and brought to Megatron, who mocked and berated the helpless Autobot leader. To complete the Scramble City project, the Autobots moved their operation to a secret underground cavern, but the Decepticons' spy cassettes located the subterranean base, and an all-out Decepticon attack was initiated. The Chosen One, When Unicron attacked Cybertron, the imprisoned Shockwave revealed his plan to let Unicron consume the planet so that the Talisman-tainted energon would poison the Chaos Bringer. Energon BBQ Today! 23, The Axalon Trading Company ended up selling Metroplex to Tera-Kura Co. to cover the expenses of rebuilding Fortress's battleship Maximus. Such is how he eventually worked his way to Cybertron, with Metroplex City being built around him. Some duties are harder than others. First Contact Following a disastrous combiner invasion on Caminus, the two planets formed an official alliance. Unfortunately, Metroplex was then left holding the building, and the Soviets blamed the Autobots for the thefts and expelled them from the country. Our Heroes Respond The two Titans finally engaged in combat and seemed evenly matched, but Trypticon began to gain the upper hand. The blast destroyed Trypticon's Head Controls, forcing Galvatron to call a retreat.

Metroplex was the largest Autobot on record at just under 700 feet in height. 16 When extradimensional visitor SARA grew to a gigantic size, Metroplex's city mode was one of the buildings she loomed over. The Reluctant Specialist Legends claimed that he, Chela and Metrotitan had once fought alongside Primus himself, Origin Myths and he was said to have defeated the monster known as Trypticon and watched as it was sealed away in the depths of Cybertron. Entirely too large to wander Earth freely, Metroplex accepted without complaint the role he was assigned: that of the "living core" of Autobot City. Metroplex deployed Scamper to defend him and used a crane arm to attack Full-Tilt, but Full-Tilt was nevertheless able to infiltrate his insides and steal away with the cog. Luckily, Ultra Magnus deployed Six-Gun just in time. Alongside Trypticon, Metroplex rematerialized in high orbit, above the Decepticon Vengeance Division. Terror! Metroplex continued his role as the Autobots' central base of operation on the planet Earth.