50 Sales | Achievement Unlocked: 10% Commissions + $500 Shopping Spree GG…that was impressive. We’re interested in what kind of a person you are.

Three types of sponorships: For all other affiliate types, you can find us on the Impact Radius Marketplace under the campaign titled “Razer Affiliate Program”. . Share it with your friends and/or use it for yourself.

You can find a complete list of Razer products at www.razer.com along with comprehensive information on each product and how to get the most out of it.

Applications are open to all aged 18 and above. By Gamers.". LOSERFRUIT.

Fill out the application below to be considered for our 2019 sponsorship program. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}). NOW OPEN! If you are competitive, driven to learn and improve, and want to constantly push yourself to new heights, then this is the program for you. We’re not interested in how many followers or subscribers you have. . Three types of sponorships: Razer Sneki Snek X Conservation International, Investor Relations. If you are trying to make money on Twitch, gaming sponsorships are an important component.

SteelSeries also offers an amazing 8% return on all sales. We’re interested in what kind of a person you are. SPOILER ALERT: demeaning, degrading, disrespectful and/or NSFW accounts don’t make the cut.

20 Sales | Achievement Unlocked: LEGENDARY Sticker Pack + Full Custom Hoodie + LEGENDARY Mousepad + EGG HatWell now you’re just showing off. . For example, if you generate a sale in January, the action will lock by March 15th, and you will receive payment on 23rd April.

Sponsorship for affiliates. Razer is more than just the world's leading gaming brand. How do I keep track of my sales and commissions? Very amazing attention to detail. List includes but is not limited to the following keywords: Abyssus, Adaro, Anansi, Arctosa, Armadillo, Atheris, Atrox, Banshee, Basilisk, Basilisk Essential, BlackShark, BlackWidow Ultimate, BlackWidow, BlackWidow X, Blade, Carcharias, Chimaera, Chroma, Cynosa, DeathAdder, DeathAdder Elite, DeathAdder Esential, DeathStalker Essential, DeathStalker Ultimate, DeathStalker, Destructor, Electra V2, Electra, Ferox, Firefly, Gigantus, Goliathus, Hammerhead Pro, Hammerhead, Huntsman, Huntsman Elite, Huntsman Tournament Edition, Hydra, Ifrit, Imperator, Invicta, Ironclad, Kabuto, Kiyo, Kraken Pro, Kraken X,Kraken, Lachesis, Lancehead, Leviathan, Lycosa, Mamba HyperFlux, Mamba, ManO’ War, Manticor, Maurader, Megalodon, Megasoma, Moray, Mouse Bungee, Naga Epic, Naga Hex, Naga Trinity, Naga, Nari, Nari Ultimate, Nommo, Nostromo, Onza, Orbweaver, Orca, Ornata, Orochi, Ouroboros, Panthera, Portal, Raiju, Raptor, Respawn, Ripsaw, Sabertooth, Scarab, Seiren X, Seiren Elite, Seiren, Sila, Spectre, Sphex, Taipan, Tartarus, Thresher, Tiamat, Tomahawk, Turret, Vespula, Viper, Wolverine.


. Affiliates may only use the approved marketing materials produced by Razer that includes logos, marketing copies, technical specifications, banners, and product images. Sponsorship for teams and individuals.

Does joining the Affiliate Program mean I am sponsored or partnered by Razer?

Each sale must be made using your personal promo code, and each sale must be $50 or more. Influencers and streamers may be selected to join the Razer Affiliate Program on a case-by-case basis after joining the #RazerStreamer Program.

Choose from a wide range of creative and engaging text links and banners. This practice is necessary to prevent instances of fraud and other unauthorized manipulation. Plus, you’ve now got $500 bucks to blow at ExoticGamerGear.com. What you do is up to you, big or small, just do something nice for someone else.