Once you sign on to your single sign-on page (SSO.) Please enter your organization's address.

Basically, it's for travelers who have erronerously been placed on the DO NOT FLY list. If you have questions, reach out to Ashley Rasmussen or Samantha Vogel and they'll be glad to assist. We would be able to reach out to you ASAP to make sure you know about the situation, ask about your safety, make extraction plans for you in the event it’s necessary. Accounts can be reactivated if the app is reassigned to a user in Okta. Hi Nathan, Thank you for posting your question on the Okta Help center. For a free trial, please visit www.snaplogic.com/free-trial, Protect and enable employees, contractors, partners, Deep, pre-built integrations to securely connect to everything.

If you booked your trip on our GameStop Transient Air Card, simply delete the expense in your Concur Expense account! Okta Cloud Connect integrates Workday with Active Directory/LDAP for fast and free single sign-on and provisioning. Help - Email AshleyRasmussen@GameStop.com and please include the below information No more profile synchronization challenges. So, if you want to make sure you’re reimbursed for business flights and hotels, book them in TripActions! But think about this…you’re in Indonesia on business and a tsunami strikes.

Once the Meetings & Travel creates your new profile, you will recieve a confirmation e-mail. By cominbing trips you only have to pay for the booking fees once! Your offical name on all your travel documents must match each other exactly (and must match your govenment issued ID) in order for Egencia to match up your information correctly. If so, then you can valet at DFW! Features, Options and Cancallation: Once you select which hotel you'd like to book you will have the option of which type of room to book. FreedomPark will notify you of delays or gate changes via text. Need help signing in? 2. The Okta Community is not part of the Okta Service (as defined in your organization’s agreement with Okta). Rapidly deploy Workday organization-wide and increase end-user adoption.

That means, no matter what card you booked your travel on, it’s going to show up in Concur Expense. But this year, we’re focused on ensuring all our travelers book business flights and hotels through our travel tool, TripActions…and here’s why! Username .

Just provide your department and supervisor name. But, Concur isn’t smart enough to know whether you book your business trip on your Personal Corporate Credit Card, or on our GameStop Transient Air Card. If you don't know your cost center, that's okay! Click here to email Samantha Vogel for help!

If you think this is in error you can reach out to a travel agent via the chat feature. Depending on your policy settings, … Learn about the latest innovations in the Okta Identity Cloud. This might not seem like a big deal. • If you or an employee books a flight or hotel outside TripActions and uses a personal credit card, our travel policy prohibits GameStop from reimbursing you for that flight. Enjoy your flight. - Your first name as it appears on your government issued ID This keeps your entire trip together for ease of travel and saves GameStop additional booking fees.

Make a reservation at freedomparkdfw.com, or call 972-252-2500 and make your valet parking But if you booked your flight outside TripActions, no one would even know you’re there. Please make sure that the information you input matches your government ID. Click on "Add New" and fill out the information. Let's create the domain you will use to log into your account: © 2020 Okta, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Get in to Okta. Future attribute changes made to the Okta user profile will automatically overwrite the corresponding attribute value in the app. Simplifies onboarding an app for Okta provisioning where the app already has groups configured. You will want to utilize your Corporate MasterCard to book your travel. No Problem! Under the "Select" button you will see the cancellation policy.

Simply start typing the loyatly program in the search bar and click on the program when it populates. Please note these important tips when you are booking a hotel on TripActions! Once you log into TripActions, you will be prompted to complete your personal profile. Secure Web Authentication is a Single Sign On (SSO) system developed by Okta to provide SSO for apps that don't support proprietary federated sign-on methods, SAML or OIDC. Our team can’t call American Airlines and talk to them on behalf of you about your flight issue. You can access the platform by downloading the TripActions app or through the web browser. For example the user profile may come from Active Directory with phone number sourced from another app and written back to Active Directory.

This feature is not required for all federated applications as user authentication takes place in Okta, however some apps still require a password. Here’s why: If an employee books a flight outside TripActions and uses a corporate card or personal credit card, then for whatever reason leaves GameStop before the work trip, GameStop has no recourse for the funds spent on that flight since it’s not under the GameStop umbrella (you’d be surprised how often this has happens). Click the green "Add Apps" button on the top right hand corner.Then type "TripActions" into the search bad on the left side of the page. Good news! Don't have a Corporate MasterCard? ($24/day) Next is adding your Corporate MasterCard to your profile. If you belong to airline loyalty programs, like Rapid Rewards, or American Airlines Advantage, we also always reccomend once you've received your KTN, that you call the airline directly and have them add your KTN to your airline loyalty profile. We'll send you to your own login page, where you can access your account directly. Hundreds of Global 2000 customers — including Adobe, AstraZeneca, Box, GameStop, Verizon, and Wendy’s — rely on SnapLogic to automate business processes, accelerate analytics, and drive digital transformation.

The application can be defined as the source of truth for a full user profile or as the source of truth for specific attributes on a user profile. Searching Hotel Options: When you are looking for a hotel to book be sure to check under the price for any important notes such as "Earn Points" to help narrow down your search. If you booked your flight in TripActions, GameStop would be notified by Egencia immediately as soon as a tsunami warning was issued that you were in Indonesia. Safe Travels! Okta … Be sure to pay close attention to all three of these section to ensure you understand you entire reservation!

Easy peaze lemon squeezy.

You can skip and you will be prompted to the home page of TripActions. It's a win win! In this section, you'll enter information relating to your passport, as well as any Known Traveler Number or Redress Number your may have.Known Traveler Number (KTN): Once you've entered your KTN into your Egencia profile, it will be sent to the airline along with your booking. Simply click "Yes" and continue with your booking. TERMINAL PARKING AT DFW Please make sure that the information you input matches your government ID. Password . 5.

A redress number IS NOT THE SAME AS A KTN. With TripActions you are able to book personal travel on the site using your personal credit card and take advantage of the negotiated rates of TripActions and GameStop! TripActions is part of our Okta dashboard now. Security Assertion Markup Language is an open standard for exchanging authentication and authorization data between an identity provider (IdP) and a service provider (SP) that does not require credentials to be passed to the service provider. • If you or one of your team members are traveling on business but you did not book your flight or hotel in TripActions, then other than your boss, GameStop has no idea where in the world you are. Moral of the story…book in TripActions! © 2020 Okta, Inc. All Rights Reserved. By continuing and accessing or using any part of the Okta … You also have the option to enter in your Known Traveler Number and your Loyalty Clubs (airline, hotel and rental car) so you continue to earn you points as you travel. Groups can then be managed in Okta and changes are reflected in the application. Once you sign on to your single sign-on page (SSO.) reservation.

The company’s Intelligent Integration Platform makes it fast and easy to connect applications, data, APIs, and things.

Note: If your Egencia travel profile is listed under your legal name as John James Jones, but you have your airline rewards profile listed as J. James Jones, the booking tool will NOT be able to match up your rewards profile when your book your flight!

I don't have the Xbox X pre-ordered but plan to hit Gamestop and get one from allocation.

Welcome to the Okta Community! However, your KTN will NOT appear on your Egencia booking itinerary. ... Mike Koch (GameStop) 10 months ago.

But, mostly, we just want to make sure we know where all our GameStop travelers are so we can ensure your safety when you’re traveling for business.

The Okta Community is not part of the Okta Service (as defined in your organization’s agreement with Okta). Your offical name on all your travel documents must match each other exactly (and must match your govenment issued ID) in order for Egencia to match up your information correctly. If you enter your Known Traveler Number into the Redress Number area, the booking will not properly send your KTN into the airline. What’s Included with Okta Cloud Connect? Features will show you any amenities that come with the room. This gives TripActions an idea of your preferences during your travel and how often you travel. When you prepay your parking you save up to 50% for terminal parking! If your trip lasts more than one day and you are not carpooling with another associate, more economical long-term parking must be utilized. No more profile synchronization challenges. Then when you are ready to book simply click on the "Personal Travel" button on the bottom left hand corner of the search page. Pay Now vs. Pay at Hotel vs. Deposit Required: If you select a room that is "Pay at Hotel," TripActions is holding the reservation for you but you will be required to provide a credit card when you arrive for payment!

Options will show you if you are getting points for the room and any special rates. The integration was either created by Okta or by Okta community users and then tested and verified by Okta. SnapLogic was founded by data industry veteran Gaurav Dhillon and is backed by blue-chip investors including Andreessen Horowitz, Capital One, Ignition Partners, Microsoft, Triangle Peak Partners, and Vitruvian Partners. If you have any trouble booking TripActions, finding a flight that matches a lower fare you found,or finding a hotel reach out to the Meetings & Travel team.

Please enable it to improve your browsing experience. Secure, covered parking ensures your vehicle will be safe. 3.

If you're logged in to the GameStop network, you will be able to access TripActions via Okta without having to enter your username and password. After completing your booking, make sure you double check your itinerary, as well as your trip library in TripActions! Click here to email Samantha Vogel for help. If you need to add a rental car simply click on "Add Hotel" and change to Car at the top of the search feature.