A quirky adventure in space where all sorts of cakey fiends are a threat to Astra and her family as they head for their new home on a distant planet. In this lyrical modern fairy tale from author-illustrator Emily Winfield Martin, sisters Snow and Rose must enter the enchanted woods to confront a curse that broke apart their family.

It is outrageously funny, assaults political correctness and celebrates the human spirit—wonderful. Read more to know how much trouble comes on the way of girl when she went to her Grandmother’s house. Read more in The Elves and The Shoemake check here. Ada Goth lives a lonely life in Ghastly-Gorm Hall, but everything changes when she meets a ghostly mouse called Ishmael—a friend at last and one who helps her solve a great mystery.

He then takes him to a hidden cave and asks him to go inside and bring him a lamp.

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Interesting Short Stories from Ramayana for Kids It is a story full of magical adventures. For his amusement, he brought out the villagers, three times, by crying out for help, saying “Wolf! All Dave wants to do is quietly enjoy his chocolate bar, but a space alien is going to make him save the Earth! The sentences form a rhyming poem and describe how the bunny says goodnight to various living and inanimate objects around it, such as a red balloon, a dollhouse, two kittens, the moon, and so on.

To log in with your own details please Log in here. They especially love to hear a story from their mother or father, just before bedtime. Little Red Riding Hood is an amazingly funny story for toddlers. Lots of stories to choose from, all resulting in giggles. He regretted asking for the Golden Touch and realised that he had been greedy and that gold was not the most precious thing in the world. Another way to boost imagination is by asking your child to continue the story or add a character that doesn’t exist in the story. The swan joins this flock and flies off with his new family. Reading bedtime stories to children is a wonderful way to bond with them and encourages a love for reading.

They now become rich and live in comfort. Read the best fairy tales, bedtime stories, funny stories and chapter books for kids online! These stories are terrible. Research has shown that they dream about the rich characters and recall their actions. Read Hare and Tortoise funny story Check here. In this story, the father punishes his child when his son makes a mistake over and over again despite warning his child too much. This is when a good story can come to your aid. The little girl tells the potato all the things children do to have fun. Children never tire of Dahl and he’s riding high at the moment as the king of children’s theatre. Papa chicken is putting the little red chicken to bed. This book is hilarious! Puzzle loves her family and they love her. One day when the children are playing in the garden, suddenly they come and all the children try to run away. Jack, his cousin Jill, and a three-legged frog seek a magic mirror for a wish (of course) and encounter bizarre and hilarious adventures, including my personal favorite, the dreaded fire-breathing salamander. A story of the Sun, the Moon and an Empress all working together for peace.

Thank you for stopping by. It’s easy. Will apprentices with a Ranger who teaches him the skills to defend the kingdom as a battle looms with the evil Morgarath.