In Thursday’s release, Police Chief Chris Blue said investigators collected hundreds of DNA samples, but did not name any suspects. Nothing could be made out of the mostly inaudible voicemail until Crime Watch Daily hired audio expert Arlo West, who enhanced the recording and claimed he heard Faith's cry for help while a male voice said "I think she's dying", and a female voice said, "Do it anyhow". She lived in an off-campus apartment near the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. Eriq Takoy Jones Asked for Forgiveness for ‘Sing I May Commit Today’ the Day Before Hedgepeth’s Murder A day before Hedgepeth’s murder, Eriq Takoy Jones … According to a warrant, Jones told Rosario earlier that summer that he hated Hedgepeth and would kill her if Rosario didn’t get back together with him. "You can clearly hear what I believe is Faith pleading. The crime scene was pretty bloody. ", And shortly before Faith's murder Eriq Takoy Jones posted a disturbing message on his Facebook page: "Dear Lord. For a timeline of events, check out Crime Watch Daily's Losing Faith: The Hedgepeth Murder Mystery at UNC, Faith Hedgepeth was a 19-year-old student attending the University of North Carolina…. "I think that very possibly Takoy may have had some ill feelings toward Faith for doing that. Instead, they found her in her bed, lying in a pool of her own blood, wrapped in a quilt and partially nude. eventCategory: event.slot.getSlotElementId(), They found a text message Jones sent to a friend the day before the murder asking the friend to forgive him for what he was about to do. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. There's blood everywhere. Investigators continue to ask that if you have any information regarding the case to call 919-614-6363. Protect me from the girls who don’t deserve me and the ones who wish me dead today.”. MEAWW is an initialism for Media Entertainment Arts WorldWide. Two hours later Karena is picked up by a friend and leaves Faith alone in the apartment. But the police had qualms about it because the timing of the voicemail seemed off, as it did not correspond with her reported time of death. She's being hurt, being attacked," said West. DISCLAIMER NOTICE: ALL ARE PRESUMED INNOCENT... ArrestFacts, Inc. does not guarantee the information you receive through to be accurate or up-to-date.

Hateful words of spite and rage scrawled on a crumpled paper bag reading: "I'm not stupid bitch jealous." "She's unconscious," Rosario said during the call. And shortly before Faith's murder Eriq Takoy Jones posted a disturbing message on his Facebook page: "Dear Lord. "You can hear her emotive voice, the tone of her voice, is clearly in pain," said West. “Of course, this is a horrible tragedy, and our thoughts and prayers continue to go out to the family. NBC News reported that the murder weapon was believed to be an empty Bacardi rum bottle; a handwritten note on a fast-food bottle, found near Hedgepeth’s body, read “IM NOT STUPID. Lehew said she remains in close contact with the Hedgepeth family, but allows them to guide that conversation. Jones apparently had a previous relationship with Hedgepeth’s roommate, Karena Lynn Rosario.