There’s no real competition for OneWheel atm so you really don’t have other subs that will appreciate it as much IMO. Posted by 10 days ago. WIth my video series, I will hopefully be able to demonstrate and build a complete Onewheel replica for a third of the cost!Lets get Fungineering!All videos used under CC License. wow. I only need the length the width and the height of the deck. Goal: Create a OW fender that I can take on/off easily and stick in my pack @stefanawad Might try Home Depot. Close. Curved the sides for a slim profile (similar to Float Fender), but the best part is using a 3-hole punch to open the screw holes. I'm thinking of making my fender out of a thick mud flap from an auto parts store. Diy onewheel. As a result, your viewing experience will be diminished, and you may not be able to execute some actions. NoScript). I grab my board, duck and ran the other way. Here is my Mud Flap DIY Fender. Also, could someone post a link to the right kind if plastic? Let me share some info you may find very useful in case you get stuck: Probably the real inventor of Onewheel also here is his Onewheel in action, Here is another guy that came up with the idea after the first guy Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Onewheel+ XR | v3 Float Plates, Stock Fender, onetail eXtreme.

Purchased the A3 clear book for $2 Cdn only from Daiso Japan in Richmond, BC, Canada.

... i can barely hammer a nail into a plank. r/onewheel: The revolutionary new electric boardsport that allows you to carve the planet earth in ways never thought possible. I just created r/DIYonewheel, and would love to see you post your progress there to share with everyone else attempting this! I think I may trim the width at the top to make it look nicer.

Friendly suggestions and constructive criticism are fine. My DIY onewheel. Reply Quote 5.

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The revolutionary new electric boardsport that allows you to carve the planet earth in ways never thought … Press J to jump to the feed. @njacobs please list the materials other than the flap. You're riding a $1,000 device that can be flip for half that in a matter of hour. In fact, it will probably flex enough that I could step on it for doing tricks like some do without a fender. (right, I'm 42, have only had the OW+ for 3 weeks, I won't be doing those tricks). @jeffmccosker, @jeff8v7 you Jeffs are the DIY masters! Join.

Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. They often have a good assortment of plastic sheets for other things. Thanks, @jeff8v7! I made one in 30 lying around, used packaging soft foam with headliner glue to pad the underside for noise.... Looks like your connection to Onewheel Forum was lost, please wait while we try to reconnect. Now I learned the hard way to always have protection even if you’re just going slow.

Yet, I want a fender when it's wet (I have the $85 fender from OW). ", (One of the reasons the Onewheel is so expensive) Doesn't really matter what you use - as long as it's pretty stiff. User account menu. Doesn't look as nice as FM's but it is far more functional, it won't break, plus it's MUCH more quiet.