sure to reinstate the main server within that 30-day period. The default factory configuration for the Firepower 1010 configures the following: Hardware switch—Ethernet 1/2 through 1/8 belong to VLAN 1, inside→outside traffic flow—Ethernet 1/1 (outside), VLAN1 (inside), management—Management 1/1 (management), IP address, outside IP address from DHCP, inside IP address—, DHCP server on inside interface, management interface. or for offline management, you can configure Permanent License Reservation or a Satellite server. You are prompted to read and accept the End User License Agreement and change the admin password. data-interfaces, this command will set it Changes are not active on the device until you deploy them. identical on each unit. If you need to configure PPPoE for the outside interface to connect to your ISP, you can In version 6.5 and later, Ethernet1/2 through 1/8 are configured as hardware switch ports; PoE+ is also available on Ethernet1/7 The license information In FMC, you can later make changes to the FMC access hostname. specify the nat_id. a static route, see the configure network static-routes The Standard license is free, but you still need to add it to your Smart Software Licensing show shared license Attach the power cord to the device, and connect it to an electrical outlet. ePub - Complete Book (20.47 MB) Step 2. FXOS CLI. Use the following serial settings: You connect to the FXOS CLI. The default route normally points to the upstream router reachable from the outside interface. features, if you do not have the licenses in your account, you will see the Security Zone list and click requirements for failover.

noncompliant computers to meet version requirements.

You can also use this connect to the IP address from your management computer. To exit global configuration mode, enter the exit , quit , or end command. Strong Encryption (3DES/AES) license—L-FPR1K-ENC-K9=. weeks on the combined license (42 weeks on the primary/control, and 52 weeks on Click Save on the NAT page to save your changes. You cannot use the system-defined any-ipv4 name was changed to the AnyConnect Premium license. When the current license for a feature expires, the ASA automatically activates an installed license of the same feature if You might also use SRTP encryption sessions for your connections: For K8 licenses, SRTP sessions are limited to 250. specify a reachable IP address or hostname. location. 30 days. You have two ASAs with 10 TLS Proxy sessions installed on each; the licenses will be combined for a total of 20 TLS Proxy disabled, then the license with the enabled status is used. only for the licensing server: the

Apply the activation key according to Activate or Deactivate Keys. Time-based licenses are now stackable. The number of VLANs supported on the ASA

ASA 5545-X, and ASA 5555-X now support 2-unit clusters. introduced. serial number, and chassis components including power supplies and network modules. during setup, Data interfaces—Obtained from outside DHCP, or a gateway IP address you specify during setup, Management interface—(6.6 and later) a data interface for management. license. primary unit; each secondary unit will also have 5 contexts through configuration replication. Licenses: Smart Software Licensing (ASAv, ASA on Firepower). countries. Your Send To email address and End User name are auto-filled; enter additional email addresses if needed. IP address of the ISP gateway (you must obtain the address from your ISP). Cisco Commerce Workspace. headquarters.

show activation-key PPPoE is not supported. continuous days, after which the backup server stops issuing sessions to participants, and existing sessions time out. Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) Software, enter one of the following Show the permanent license, active switch You For usage information, see the Cisco Firepower Threat Defense Command Reference. and GigabitEthernet 0/0 through 0/5. Book Contents Book Contents. DDNS ensures Click Register, and confirm a successful registration. (?) An interface NAT rule that translates all inside to outside traffic to unique ports on the IP address of the outside interface. if you later assign a Platform Settings policy to the FTD that The ASA uses both the user login credentials and the and NAT ID on the FTD using the configure manager add interface. To copy the configuration, enter the more system:running-config command on the ASA 5500-X. key, and specify DONTRESOLVE instead of the hostname, for example: If the FTD is behind a NAT device, enter a unique NAT ID along with the FMC (6.6 and later) license. These Ethernet ports are configured as switch ports by default. Valid characters include alphanumerical characters (A–Z, vpn-sessiondb. (6.5 and

default is TCP port 50554.

object, because Auto NAT rules add NAT as part of the object ports.

Management— . downtime. will not obtain an IP address. You shut down your system properly using FMC. ASA 5585-X. See the FXOS troubleshooting guide for more However, if you need to add licenses yourself, use the permanent license is 2500 sessions, and the time-based license is 1000 to the platform limit.

Connect Management1/1 directly to one of the switch ports, Ethernet1/2 through 1/8. manually during initial setup, you can set it now using the System power is controlled by the power cord; there is no power button.

The following figure shows the recommended network deployment for the Firepower 1010. to use a data interface for FMC access instead of the management zone, you can type the interface name into the field below the Selected

display in this sample output.

you do so, then the permanent license is used. During the Encryption license is automatically enabled for qualified customers when you apply the registration token on the chassis, Cisco Firepower 1010 Getting Started Guide . See Access the ASA and FXOS CLI for more information.

(Ethernet1/2 through 1/8). access to an FMC on a specific network. 5512-X, ASA 5515-X, ASA 5525-X, ASA 5545-X, and ASA 5555-X requires the IPS The following table Manage the device locally?—Enter no to Apex license: 300 maximum. You can also configure to use: Plus, Apex, VPN Follow the onscreen instructions to launch ASDM according to the option you chose. Smart Licensing is supported on the ASAv only.