Throughout time, Rose and Jack fell more and more in love, and Cal remained oblivious, however his bodyguard, Spicer Lovejoy, began to suspect something going on between the two. Cal became enraged by this, took Lovejoy's gun and chased the two throughout the ship in an effort to shoot them, however, he failed when the gun ran out of bullets.

Damien Thorn | Blackwolf | Antarctic Queen Xenomorph | Happy Chapman | Harvester Queen | Burton Jernigan | Black Wolf's Pack (Smiley) | Rozwścieczony Hockley wyrwał Lovejoyowi pistolet i zaczął gonić ich strzelając w Jacka.

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Caledon "Cal" Hockley is the main antagonist of James Cameron's 1997 film Titanic. Zerbino |

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Flaunting his wealthBullying anyone of lower social standingTrying to discredit Jack Dawson Cal even convinced the officers to let him board on a lifeboat by taking an abandoned child for himself after learning that they won't take any bribes from anyone.

Rose watched Cal as he searched and saw him walk away.

He tried to get on a lifeboat after making a deal with William Murdoch but he threw the money back in his face. Elena Dubrow |

He was supposed to have married Rose DeWitt Bukater when they arrived in Philidelphia, yet her detest for him and her romance with Jack Dawson kept them apart. He was however abusive both physically, emotionally and psychologically. The Dognapper | Lizard Leader | Caledon Nathan Hockley

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Mendez I | È stato interpretato da Billy Zane. A few minutes later Cal witnessed Frabizio get crushed by a steam stack. David 8 | Rottweiler | Edward Hyde |

Cal dies in 1929 after shooting himself in the mouth because of his financial problems during the Stock Market Crash of 1929. X-Men Movie Villains. To that end, Rose replied "I'd rather be his whore than your wife." Broly | Vic Deakins | Adam | Henry Evans | Kearney Zzyzwicz | Tracker Predator | Grewishka | Dr. Otto Hasslein |

Out of disgust, he slapped Rose but before he could continue some ship's officer's told him to go to a lifeboat (as the iceberg had hit by this stage). Lotus Land Bellhop | Nostromo Drone | Cal initially decides to pay $20 to Jack as a reward, but on the advice of Rose and fellow first class passenger Archibald Gracie, he offers to invite the artist to dinner, to which Jack accepts, much to Cal's delight.

Unwilling to leave Jack on the sinking Titanic, Rose jumps off the lifeboat into one of the lower decks of the ship before reuniting with Jack on the grand staircase. Lord Dargis | Scowler | After telling her story, Brock was still unsuccessful with finding the diamond and due to low funds, it was time to pull out. Albina | Cal frames Jack as "an honest thief". Nova | Reggie and Arthur | However, she was stopped by a 20-year-old third class boy whom she saw earlier on the ship named Jack Dawson who convinced her not to kill her self. Later in life, Cal married someone else and inherited his family's millions. Home Alone Villains | Afterward, he desperately searched for Rose but could not find her and believed she had died in the shipwreck, although she had actually escaped and was avoiding him. Cal boarded the RMS Titanic as a First Class passenger in 1912, appointed as a possible fiance for Rose by her mother Ruth DeWitt Bukater, in an attempt to inherit his fortune, which Cal also wanted in Rose. Beauty Smith | Skip | With that in mind, Cal attempts to have Jack arrested, but Rose clears up the misunderstanding by lying that she was trying to view the propellers, slipped and would have fell off the ship if it were not for Jack's intervention (not wanting Cal to know of her suicide attempt). Rommel |

Ian Hawke | Steel industry tycoonMillionaire Edwin | Grid |

Rick Riordan Villains | Going against Lovejoy's advice to board on the nearby lifeboat (as architect Bruce Ismay is helping some men board the lifeboat before hopping on himself), Cal decides to confront Rose and gives her his jacket, but Rose refuses to board the lifeboat without Jack. Marv Merchants | Billy Zane como Caledon Nathan "Cal" Hockley: o noivo de Rose, arrogante e esnobe, herdeiro de uma fortuna de aço de Pittsburgh. However, in the Stock Market Crash of 1929, Cal fell into financial ruin and committed suicide by shooting himself in the mouth. Cal first appeared in the Southampton harbor when the Titanic is ready to depart for its maiden voyage, boarding with Rose, Ruth, and Lovejoy.

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