Many people have the mistaken belief that it is safe and even beneficial for women to take one drink per day and for men to take up to two drinks per day. Hayes was the second player (after Franklin Clarke) in the history of the Dallas Cowboys franchise to surpass 1,000 yards (ground or air) in a single season, and he did that in his rookie year by finishing with 1,003 yards.

Many questionable studies have been sponsored by companies and people who want to sell you beverages, foods, supplements, and even prescription drugs. Hayes was so fast and got behind his defender so often that teams started playing zone defenses against him, always trying to keep a safety behind him as well as a cornerback with him.

The race was also Hayes' last as a track and field athlete, as he permanently switched to football after it, aged only 21. .

See, © Copyright 2020 - Drmirkin | All Rights Reserved | Powered by Xindesigns, Eleanor Roosevelt’s Doctors Vindicated 40 Years after Her Death, Sean Connery, Dementia and Death from “Natural Causes”. ''He changed the game on offense just the way Lawrence Taylor would change it on defense,'' Lynch said. The Dallas Cowboys selected Hayes in the seventh round (88th overall) of the 1964 NFL Draft with a future draft pick, which allowed the team to draft him before his college eligibility was over, taking a chance that the Olympic sprinter with unrefined football skills could excel as a wide receiver. Hayes has been credited by many with forcing the NFL to develop a zone defense and the bump and run to attempt to contain him.[10]. Hayes, who had already qualified for the U.S. Olympic team in the 100, finished third in the 200-meter race, qualifying for a place also in the 200 meter race. The next to surpass Hayes at a low altitude Olympics was Carl Lewis in 1984 when he won in 9.99, some 20 years later (though Hasely Crawford equaled the time in 1976).[7]. He was inducted into the United States Olympic Hall of Fame.

Anyone who cannot stop drinking after one drink should not be drinking at all and should not keep alcohol where it is readily available. Jim Hines officially broke 10 seconds at the high altitude of Mexico City, Mexico in 1968 (and on a synthetic track) with a wind legal 9.95 which stood as the world record for almost 15 years. [6], In some of the first meets to be timed with experimental fully automatic timing, Hayes was the first man to break ten seconds for the 100 meters, albeit with a 5.3 m/s wind assistance in the semi-finals of the 1964 Olympics.

He is survived by a son, Bob Jr. of Dallas; four daughters, Glenda Moore and Dr. Westine Lodge of Jacksonville, Veronica Jenkins of Somerville, N.J., and Adrienne Thomas of Dallas; his mother, Mary Robinson; a brother, Ernest; a sister, Lena Johnson, all of Jacksonville, and eight grandchildren. He was also diagnosed with prostate cancer that had spread through his body. Alcoholics do not have to drink, but if they take in any amount of alcohol, they have an overwhelming need to keep on drinking.

[5] Jocelyn Delecour, France's anchor leg runner, famously said to Paul Drayton before the relay final that, "You can't win, all you have is Bob Hayes." The bet paid off, due to his amazing feats in cleats. Zimmerman eventually returned as a Hall of Fame voter. His time was recorded at 9.91 seconds. Later in his career, as defenses improved playing zone and the bump and run was refined, Hayes' value as an erstwhile decoy rather than a deep threat diminished. Most of the alcohol you drink is broken down by your liver into an even stronger poison called acetaldehyde. Until his day, defenses covered receivers man to man. Bob Hayes, sprinter who broke world records, won gold medals in 1964 Tokyo Olympics and became feared pass receiver with Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers, dies at 59; photos (M) If you see a study reporting benefits of alcohol or any other products that you can buy, always look to see if the sellers of these products funded the research. He also was running in borrowed spikes because one of his shoes had been kicked under the bed when he was playing with some friends and he didn't realize until he got there. [3] This was followed by a second gold medal in the 4×100 meter relay, which also produced a new World Record (39.06 seconds). Bud Winter of San Jose State, one of the world's leading sprint coaches, once recalled, ''Bob Hayes ran like he was pounding grapes into wine.'' At that time, Carr was not training for peaking, so he finished fourth and therefore failed to make the Olympic team since only the first three qualify. Your liver can break down 10 to 15  grams of alcohol per hour, which is 2/3rds of a shot glass of hard liquor, a 5-ounce glass of wine, or a 12- ounce beer.

Jesse Owens, the 1936 four-time Olympic gold medalist, was sitting in the stands next to Hayes’ mother, Mary, during that anchor leg of the 400-meter relay that is one of the most incredible performances in Olympic history.

He never lost a race in the 100 yard or 100 meter competitions, but mainstream schools of the area still did not invite him to their sanctioned meets. Their feet appear flat because they have flexible ankles that allow their feet to roll so far inward that their arches touch the ground, so you can’t see them. Hayes liked that. His chest and thighs were massive, his ankles and calves seemed too small for the bulk they had to support.

Hayes was a highly recruited athlete, and accepted a football scholarship from Florida A&M University, a historically black college, where he excelled in track & field. Over a soft cinder track, he won the gold medal at 100 meters, the Olympic distance, in 10.0 seconds, breaking the Olympic record and matching the world record. Almost all of the world’s great sprinters have flat feet. An American track and field athlete, he was a two-sport stand-out in college in both track and football at Florida A&M University.He has one of the top 100 meter times by NFL players. Hayes first drew notice as a runner. Hayes retired from professional football in 1976 and was inducted into the National Track & Field Hall of Fame later that year. Jake Gaither, Florida A&M's legendary football coach, recruited him as a football player first. He was so fast that opposing teams had to play zone defense against him because no one man could cover him when he went out for a pass. Thank the fans all around the country and the world, thank the committee who voted for me and also the ones who may did not vote for me, thank Mother and my family, thank Roger Stauback [sic] and tell all my teammates I love them dearly. Alcoholism is often genetic and runs in families. Until the Tokyo Olympics, world records were measured by officials with stopwatches, measured to the nearest tenth of a second. Hayes joined the track team and quickly became a star. Robert Lee Hayes was born Dec. 20, 1942, in Jacksonville. [1][16], Hayes was close to being inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2004, but was denied the opportunity in the final round of decision making. An American track and field athlete, he was a two-sport stand-out in college in both track and football at Florida A&M University.

Your liver removes up to 98 percent of the alcohol in your bloodstream, and the other two percent passes out through your kidneys, lungs or sweat. The cause was complications from prostate cancer and heart and kidney ailments, the Dallas Cowboys said. It's enough pressure trying to perform out on the field. In his 50s, he moved back to Jacksonville to live with his parents, but his substance abuse problems continued and he required rehabilitation programs three times after his retirement. In March 2001, Hayes underwent surgery for prostate cancer, and for many years after he retired from football he had drug and alcohol problems. His time of 9.1 seconds established a world record that stood for 11 years.

If your liver is healthy, it will break down acetaldehyde into harmless acetate which is easily converted to harmless carbon dioxide and water. That proves you are a man. Years later, he said: ''It's not fair to make role models of us. Hayes lived with his regrets. He also is tied for the world's second fastest time in the 60-yard dash. He ran with his knees high, his elbows pointed out. He spoke like a very old man, coughed incessantly, couldn’t walk unassisted, and his legs twitched all the time.

I was out there, going nowhere, trying to find a solution.

So Hayes kept running his way, fast enough to win Olympic glory. He finished his 11-year career with 371 receptions for 7,414 yards and 71 touchdowns, giving him an impressive 20 yards per catch average (both career touchdowns and yards per catch average remain franchise records.) Later, he said he was innocent and had been set up, but had pleaded guilty on the advice of his lawyers. When you run, you land on the outside bottom of your feet and roll inward to absorb the hard shock of your foot striking the ground.