It’s possible for someone you don’t know to use an RFID reader to scan the signal coming from your card and get your information while it’s still inside your pocket. It has no fancy leather or intricate stitching.

Vaultskin markets this wallet as a “compact combination of elegance and security,” and it turns out that it fulfills these labels just as the Compact does. You can keep them safe online by using a strong password on your bank’s website, but your physical credit and debit cards are still vulnerable to theft. Pretty impressive, honestly, and that’s why it’s one of my top picks. Similar to the Ridge, it uses the metal “sandwich” style and clip to hold 12 cards plus cash. This is at no additional cost to you. Uncategorized >> 21 Best Security Wallets for Credit Cards. A quick-access pop-up button is also a major feature, allowing you to grab your cards without fumbling around like an idiot. Contrary to popular belief, not everyone is out for a Ridge or Dango copycat. Somehow, this pays off, making it incredibly light and flexible while not compromising on construction integrity. Despite the simplicity, though, it holds everything securely and holds more than I ever expected, which makes it a major win in my book. There’s admittedly nothing outlandish or special about it, but it feels great in the hand and the Italian leather just looks high-quality, simple, and elegant to boot. Shocking, yes, but you’ll get over it. Done. There is a secure elastic cash strap, and even an included maintenance kit to keep your wallet in working order no matter what gets thrown at it day in and day out. If you already have a trifold wallet the transition to using Columbia’s will be simple, but you should think twice if you’re going from a bi-fold because it’ll be a bit thicker.

It’s also incredibly practical with a handy silicone cash strap, 12 credit card capacity, RFID blocking tech, and multitool compatibility.

6 Innovative Smart Wallets That Don’t Bend Credit Cards,, Fidelo Hybrid Smart Wallet (, The Ridge Card Holder Wallet 2-minute Review (, Ekster Senate Smart Wallet 2-minute review ( You won’t notice the difference in your pocket, but your credit and bank information will be safer.

For men with big hands, this wallet might feel a little small. It has six card slots, plus a clear “window” slot, so you can quickly show your ID without fumbling around. Sorry, Axess Compact – the Vaultskin Chelsea is coming for your brand. If the answer is yes, I’d highly encourage you to give the Vaultskin Notting Hill a chance to shine. Docker’s RFID-blocking Bifold wallet is the most traditional choice in our guide, and it’s a good one if you crave consistency. Practically speaking, this thing is beyond durable with its hardened steel body and heavy-duty woven strap. It’s super straightforward, designed as a small, sleek leather holder with slots for up to 8 cards and a colorful top access stretchy pocket for your most frequently used stuff. But function isn’t everything.

It goes without saying that credit cards are made of plastic and will naturally bend if not supported by some sort of rigid enclosure. Unlike the Ridge, though, it’s even slimmer and has a more minimalistic, paired-down design that looks handsome and elegant in every situation. The wallet is available in two styles: One features a money clip on the front side, and the other holds your cash using an additional elastic band.

21 Best Security Wallets for Credit Cards, 10 Rigid Wallets as Tough as the Ridge Wallet, 10 Ridge Wallet Alternatives Women Will Love. Number of card slots: We made sure all of our recommendations could hold at least six credit card slots, with room to spare for cash. Instead of the typical square, the Rogue is rounded to properly fit in your front pocket, eliminating bulk and ensuring it won’t flop out every time you sit or stand. The brushed aluminum finish and labeled buttons give the ACM Credit Card Holder an enviable secret agent quality. The wallet looks pretty darn good, too. The Trayvax Armoured Summit definitely gives you that with a rugged, well, armored-looking design.

To all you Cats-ta-gramers, models, and the generally social media-addicted alike, you’ll probably recognize this one. Timeless, reliable, flawless. Columbia’s Security Wallet is a good pick if you carry around a fair amount of credit cards, care about high quality materials, and want some additional protection against thieves. Which, honestly, kind of sucks. It looks weird at first glance, but trust me, it’s worth it. It prevents credit card skimming with RFID-blocking technology. Best of all, you’ll never have another scratched, scuffed, bent, damaged, or demagnified card again. Safety should definitely not be a concern here. I mean, I don’t fully understand it, but they’re out there. In reality, the entire wallet is just a smidgeon larger than the dimension of a credit card. All the wallets on this list check those boxes in spades. Columbia’s Security Wallet is a good pick if you carry around a fair amount of credit cards, care about high quality materials, and want some additional protection against thieves. Ultimately, Dapper is very useable and incredibly secure, a winning combo for anyone – me included. Much appreciated, Ekster. I’m Kim Stone and I want to help you learn about the latest smart wallets that are WAY smarter than the one you’re carrying now. Here are all 21 security wallets in this post. This is a streamlined wallet that’ll feel solid in your pocket, but won’t weigh you down if you carry a lot of cards or cash.

Basically, it’s a security wallet made with service in mind, and all at a shockingly low price for everything you get. Something about the dark patterned carbon fiber construction just looks very luxurious and sophisticated. No matter how many wallets I review, the Ekster Senate continues to be the wallet that migrates towards my pocket. It feels very tactical and built-up and the materials truly reflect that, consisting of heat-resistant steel and mil-spec webbing that look cool while also providing damn good protection. Not all of us are swimming in piles of money Scrooge McDuck style. I’m sure there’s something witty to say about a bag company that suddenly also makes wallets, but why do we just save the time? Its shape and materials haven’t been screwed with much, but the size and internals have been significantly improved over what your grandpa carried in the before times. All-in-all it’s a class act and my favorite EDC–that is, when I’m not evaluating other smart wallets. The Best Battery-Powered Smart Security Cameras, Feeling Fidgety? After all, two pens, two dollars, two slices of pizza – all pretty excellent in twos. Regardless of your choice, the aluminum plates Ridge used to make its wallet will block any RFID signal from escaping.

And on top of it all, the Ridge aluminum wallet also comes with a lifetime guarantee in the case you’re talented (and stupid) enough to somehow ruin it. In reality, the entire wallet is … Seriously, breaking it would be a full-time job.

Read the full disclosure here. Add on its 12-card capacity, great RFID blocking slots, and premium leather, and it all adds up to an awesome, safe EDC. Their Radix One Black Steel wallet is something akin to the Ridge, but the Radix uses stainless steel plates.

Instead of using a traditional design, Ridge’s wallet is made using two pieces of solid aluminum attached to one another with a pair of elastic straps.

Heavy and meaty, it has clean lines and neutral colors. Just because some of us are card hoarders, doesn’t mean we want to carry about a big dad wallet every day!

There is no clip or strap for cash, so you’ll have to use one of the accordion slots to keep a few bills for those increasingly rare cash-only transactions. There are many factors to consider when choosing the RFID blocking wallet for you; below are the most important ones, which we considered while we were researching this list. The pockets aren’t too loose, the RFID blocking tech is works properly, and it easily fits in a front pocket. By activating the quick eject trigger at bottom of the aluminum cardholder, the cards pop up into a fan for quick access. It holds 1 to 12 cards and expands in thickness as each card is added.

From the outside, it resembles the kind of case that could protect a very thin camera. Last but certainly not least I have to hand it to my friend, the Rugged Materials Ranger. Do you always have the worst luck at losing your cards or bills? Trust me, it’s for your own good. Now there’s no chance of anything falling or slipping out. There is a thumb-sized notch on the outside that allows you to push your cards out when you need them. If you like rodeo style wallets, the Timberland Pro is a great everyday carry that can hold a lot of cards, and keep them safe. This is at no additional cost to you. Yeah, everyone loves a good sleek leather wallet to be sure, but sometimes a change of pace can be necessary. A silicone strap ties it all together and provides a location for all your bill-carrying needs. Short of throwing it under a moving tank, it will survive anything and still look good while doing it. Because the data is transmitted through radio waves, your credit cards are always sending off a weak signal while waiting for a terminal (cash register, etc.). Can’t get much better than that. If you’re looking for an inexpensive minimalist wallet that won’t bend your credit cards or break the bank, the MaxGear Credit Card wallet might be worth a try. Barring a few things, it’s generally safe to say two is better than one. With a simple, unembellished leather look, functional bifold design, 11-card capacity, dedicated cash compartment, and even a built-in coin pouch, this wallet takes both classic and minimal construction and somehow manages to improve upon both.

That’s because everything is protected inside a rigid case. The leather that covers the aluminum is smooth with dyed and burnished edges.

A rigid aluminum case protects up to 6 credit cards from bending while protecting them from RFID skimming. It’s a miracle, really. It’s beautiful, it’s modern, it’s built to last longer than even a Twinkie could dream, and it can hold around 12 cards plus cash with ease. Live Updates: Who Will Win Control of the Senate? The wallet’s just a typical sleeve-style cardholder made of leather and crafted to hold not much more than 6 credit cards, but it does what’s described on the tin and it does it well.

The wallet has 12 card pockets (the one on the bottom left has a clear covering and is meant for your ID), one slip pocket, three cash pockets, and a back pocket.