Kree minions are now in Tier with SHIELD minions and Ronan is moved from the last Tier to the second.

We’ve gathered five of the best teams in Marvel Strike Force that are both fun to play, and rock the house in any of the game modes. It’s further heightened with each member’s ability to synergize with other Asgardians. You might enjoy attacking other players and punishing the weak AI with powerful, well-placed synergies, but so does everyone else. Nevertheless, there are a few teams that even the AI can use to perform consistently better when under attack.

However, you are losing a lot of defensive support. Last updated: 2020/06/22. Furthermore, he can summon S.H.I.E.L.D. This hero’s passive increases the damage of his teammates by 20% and their armor by up to 30%. TL;DR Character Farm Lists, SWGoH 101: Soloing Heroic Pit Raid (Rancor), SWGoH 101: Rancor Solo – Breaking Down Raid Enemies, SWGoH 101: Rancor Solo – The Solo Process, SWGoH 101: Rancor Solo – Best Raid Toons and Why, SWGoH 101: Rancor Solo – Sample Heroic Rancor Solo Teams, SWGoH 101: Unlocking 7* Commander Luke Skywalker, SWGoH 101: Defeating Artist of War – Phoenix Gear, SWGoH 101: Defeating Artist of War – The Battles, SWGoH 101: Defeating Artist of War – RNG and Patience, SWGoH 101: Exponential Explanations (Character Levels), HSTR Farming Guide – Phase 2: Leia Spam, Sith, Troopers, and others, HSTR Farming Guide – Phase 4 Nihilus: Nightsisters, Territory Wars Guide – The Defensive Teams, effective counters to the Asgardians in MSF, MSF: Using X-Force to counter Asgardians in Alliance Wars, MSF: Fear The Darkness Live Blog – Mission #16, MSF: Dread The Darkness Live Blog – Mission #13, MSF: Fear The Darkness Live Blog – Mission 1, HPWU: Finding Formidable Foes in Wizarding Challenges (Fortresses), Avatar PR: 0.7.0 Update Features Several Major Changes. Custom team with Kingpin, Vision, and Crossbones is great against Defenders and SHIELD in the offense, but they are very weak against Ms.Marvel/Defenders team, and against TECH team. Hey guys, Tauna here. a few different ways to challenge other players in MSF, playing Marvel Strike Force on PC with BlueStacks.

The ability energy isn’t that relevant because only Graviton needs ability energy for his ult and if he has debuffs, he’s in trouble. Previous tips: This week we are going to deep dive into something I briefly touched upon in week 1, the positioning of your characters. So, if he starts at #5, he’ll next attack #4, and so on. View the final rank with our tier list graphic, view the past tier list stream on YouTube, and be sure to join us live for the next tier stream. At the same time, Nick Fury brings his own significant contribution through consistent support, heals, and extra speed for allies. This is due to Psylocke’s impressive ability to transfer negative effects. The best teams are all about synergy. Agent Coulson, on the other hand, is a Tech Controller that primarily causes debuffs to the enemy and buffs for the team. In a previous guide, we talked about the dozen different currencies in Marvel Strike Force, as well as why you need them. If you so choose, swap Invisible Woman out for Iron Man. Operative for synergy with Nick Fury. A prime example is the Defenders with Punisher. team is and in what order to place them. All of the characters used in this build (and Jessica Jones, especially) are solid all by themselves. It’s gone through a few iterations before it became what it is today. Assaulter+Monster are how you do damage. Explore all the tiers … We had difficulties to rank teams by their value because some teams are very strong against high-rank teams but very vulnerable against others. Don’t try to stun Loki unless your Graviton is significantly stronger than Loki– while it is awesome when the stun lands because Loki’s passive doesn’t work, Loki has high resistance and the stun rarely lands. This squad relies heavily on control abilities and Namor. The Asgardians prove their combat prowess by having an answer for just about any threat. Unfortunately, the hard truth is that your team is just as silly when it is challenges by others, which makes Arena Defense a bit difficult to plan for. The rest of the team should be filled with Tank who will defend the team and stay alive long enough to receive healing and with someone who is the best for damaging purposes. agents and applies a 20 percent chance for allies to assist when Nick Fury attacks. Your Future in SWGoH, Which Characters First? Captain Marvel, on the other hand, has plenty of self-sustain and is able to deal tremendous amounts of damage even on defense. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. 6/10. The first character to go for you is Scientist Supreme.

BlueStacks 4 is not available on Windows XP. Getting Started with Magic: The Gathering Arena, The Punchlist: This Week’s News for Nerds, Comic Characters You Should Know: The Sinister Six, Marvel Strike Force: 7 Deadly Sins of ISO 8, Marvel Strike Force: Campaign Events and SCREAM. Medic for S.H.I.E.L.D. Every member either provides a buff, debuff, support, or deals damage in some manner. This leaves room to alter your team for someone like Graviton. Since Storm isn’t on your team, you can bring in Cyclops. The one exception to the “only hit Thor” rule is when the speed bot comes back around for its second attack, attack Loki to reduce his speed bar so that his ult doesn’t go off stealthing the team. Researchers is great in every mode, every circumstance, Monstrosity is superior in a few circumstances. Some Heroes like Kingpin, Captain America and Crossbones lost their place in Tier 1 because we decided to put just leaders of Meta teams in the best tier.

Remember, you still clear the room if only summons remain, so if you’re running out of time, target the primary characters. You can swap out S.H.I.E.L.D. While there are consistent rules of thumb like placing a taunting tank far away from squishier (more vulnerable) character, some team synergies require a custom lineup. Title says all, just planning on investing for an AIM team. These include the following three: X-Men squads have been everywhere since Psylocke was introduced to the game and it doesn’t look like the trend is about to stop. Strange deserved their place in the best Tier because they are irreplaceable against a huge number of enemies – Punisher is great against Villains and he makes his whole team considerably more powerful, Ms.Marvel improves the value of all HERO brawlers who would otherwise be just average and Dr. Naturally, there are at least a dozen other team compositions that consistently perform well in PvP matches.

Positioning of your Marvel Strike Force characters matters for a variety of reason in fact; primarily for defensive disruption and proximity synergies. We need to understand a few things about the setup to maximize synergies and combat attacks against us. You want to use your minions to take the evades off of Loki’s summons. We talked generally about chain attacks, but how do we best defend against the chain attack?

For my Aim Researcher, she heals at 34k health without the T4 so the increase to 41k isn’t dramatic. His debuffs will always apply, if not most of the time, which activates Wolverine and another ally to follow up with attacks. Core: Ultron: Ultron and his bots make the team work against relatively high power Asgardian teams.

Movies: Minions - Mummy Stuart, Multicolor (49788) 6/10. My name is Uros Stojakovic, I work as a content writer for BlueMoonGame from its very beginnings. Like with most Gacha games, the one game mode that truly tests your team in Marvel Strike Force is PvP. Granted, this squad is not as powerful as the ones we’ve mentioned above, but, then again, it is much easier to obtain, which is always a plus. Nash serves Children, Youth, and Families. Synergy is an integral part of Marvel Strike Force. The below graphic should help in setting up your teams. Your email address will not be published. Above 70k, it’s tough to take Sif down with Ultron’s ult. The squads that we’ve included below should give you a rough idea of which heroes you should prioritize for PvP encounters. For example, a popular character with a chain attack is Wolverine. Marvel Strike Force is home to an exhausting list of Marvel characters. His line of work – coupled with his natural affinity for superheroes, fiction, and Legos – keep him young at heart.

The cherry on top is her passive ability, allowing her to punish any enemy that dodges or misses, provided there are at least three Supernatural allies on your team. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Additionally, as Sif gets stronger, the chance of the block becoming more meaningful goes up.

Safe: Even Power If you have to attack Sif, try to stun her. Security has very little damage potential but can provide support through stuns. Graviton will go next. The best place on Earth for nerds. If you have no red stars on Aim Security and 7 red stars on Aim Infector and Aim Monstrosity, you’re going to go with the 7 red star choices. My motto is "Better to be filthy rich your whole life than spend one day as a poor bastard". Be ready for what is coming down the pipe this week! You have so many on Mons he should have a gigantic power advantage, go ahead and use him. BlueMoonGame welcomes any suggestion and critics and we are aware that our lists may not be ideal for a lot of people. Whenever you start a battle these are the positions your squad must occupy. Mordo and Scarlet Witch are the champions of negative effects in this team. He can heal a moderate amount of health while also buffing his defense. He can debuff the enemy’s defense, reduce resistances, and even remove effects from the opposition. I’ve heard that Scientist Supreme, Graviton, and Security are the immovable three and Infector is kind of useless, so what 2 should I use out of Monstrosity (7 gold / 3 red), Assaulter (3 gold / 1 red), and Researcher (6 gold / … Note that she already has 15% of her health plus 6k. Featured Video Inside the ISO-8 Playtest. After careful consideration, we decided to make big changes in our lists and to promote additional teams in our Best Teams Tier List. I am working off of a well done video by FastingComicGuy. Speaking of Heimdall, while he deals a great amount of damage, his main strength comes from removing stealth from enemies, and from punishing enemies with an AOE attack. I’ve heard that Scientist Supreme, Graviton, and Security are the immovable three and Infector is kind of useless, so what 2 should I use out of Monstrosity (7 gold / 3 red), Assaulter (3 gold / 1 red), and Researcher (6 gold / 4 red). Up to about 50k, a maxed Ultron will nuke Sif. X-Men Team: Colossus, Phoenix, Psylocke, Wolverine, Cyclops The same goes for Ultron bots. team is and in what order to place them. You’re hoping to not lose anyone, but even if you do, you can hope that Scientist Supreme will revive. However, his abilities are improved if Phoenix is an ally. I am not going to in-depth on each character; so when you are exploring your roster, just be mindful to read through each character’s ability to have a full grasp of what they can and can’t do.