Melanie says her mother, Laura, wanted them to meet. She was pulled from the lake by Julia Shumway, after Julia dropped the egg at the bottom of it. Christine Price scolds her in the caves for not completing her mission to transform the people in the cocoons into "who they need to be" and to protect the egg.

Barbara Katie Chapman is one of the 12 children he had with his wives, Barbara Katie is his sixth child from his marriage with his third wife Lyssa Rae Brittain with whom he married on June 22nd. A year later, Barbie goes to the Sweetbriar and finds Joe and Ben and catches up with them. Ben also witnesses this and confronts Barbie about it. She, she was strangling Julia". Melanie, Joe, and Norrie are told to stay put, but of course they don't, and head over to the dome's wall. Melanie is running away from Angie's murder scene late at night and falls asleep deep in the forest. Melanie admits that Sam has changed since she knew him. That year she had a relationship with Sam Verdreaux and was friends with both Lyle and Pauline. Melanie asks Rebecca Pine if she can make any distinction between Joe's and her blood. Melanie and Joe begin to form a bond, which makes Norrie jealous. Melanie and the others find Barbie and tell him their theory and they end up looking through the newspapers of 1988 and find that Melanie went missing that year.

Angie sees Melanie again walking on the street late at night and decides to follow her. Barbie and Julia start talking about their plan to get the town out by giving the military the egg. As Joe comforts Melanie, she kisses him. Then, Barbie emerges from the caves and points his gun at Christine and asks "what happened?". Actors can be found under this section organized alphabetically. The three go to Joe's house to make sure he is okay, and realize they need to find the egg. Melanie and Julia are eating at the diner when Joe and Norrie come in.

In truth, it's revealed the whole town and Barbie are in coccoons where they are all in a dream like state. She found a meteorite and when they all put their hands on it, it split open. Barbie tries to quickly climb up, but Melanie drops the ladder. Outside, Barbie tells Melanie that he was the little boy she played with when she was younger. She ran up the crater with it and someone pushed her back down, where she hit her head on the meteor, resulting in her death. Melanie then looks at her and says, "Looks like it's just the two of us."

The two teenagers leave and Barbie looks out the window and sees a vision of Melanie walking. Melanie holds the title of being the only character who died twice in the series. They ask her for her name and she says, "I don't know".

The newspaper also said where she lived so the group takes a trip there. At one point she visited the Barbara's family residence, where she played with young Barbie. Melanie didn't see who pushed her and suspects it could have been Lyle when Junior says that Lyle killed Angie. If you'd rather not make changes directly, you can still e-mail me at (for actress information) or (for actor information). She's quickly found out by Julia. A list of specific TV series under which some of the names can be found. Big Jim, however, comes and puts an end to her plans to save Junior.

The group looks through a list of all the people that had that locker through the years to see if any of the names look familiar to her. They end up at the school and just as Melanie cracks open a locker, Angie asks if she is okay, but Melanie runs away from her. In the woods, they found a crater with a meteorite at its core with four glowing blue handprints. After Melanie hears the plan and the town gets on board with it, they ask Melanie again if she is willing to give up the egg. Melanie Cross was a supporting character in CBS' Under the Dome. Julia comes into the room and thinks Barbie is interrogating Melanie. She runs away and finds Junior, who wants to hide the egg from his father. John Wayne in The Fighting Seabees (Donovan's Army). In her professional acting career, she has worked in both film and television industries but Hunter’s major success has come through TV. A list of specific films under which some of the names can be found. Biography. She lived with her family in Zenith. and Bailout at 43,000 being few. The townspeople suddenly find themselves outside of the dome. ... Will Sucess Spoil Rock Hunter? Melanie, realizing he was seeing through the illusions, grabs Ben out of his coccoon-pod and begins to strangle him to death with her bare hands.

Melanie kisses Junior before leaving the shelter. As they check on Joe and Norrie, Melanie has a moment with Junior, which Norrie interrupts. Melanie leads them to the shelter and is stunned that the egg is gone. Ben refuses to let his idea go though and finds evidence that none of what's happening to them is real. The meteorite emitted a glowing blue light and cracked, revealing a black egg They decided to leave, but Melanie tried to stop them, telling them that they should protect the egg. When she realizes Julia doesn't trust her, she turns on her and during the struggle reveals a vague allies she works with. A new edition of The Cinemorgue Oscar List is currently under construction.

The dying words of celebrities in film known collectively as "famous last words. Before leaving she said that her mother would love to meet him and that they will meet each other someday when Barbie is bigger.

Among many roles, she appeared in one of Alfred Hitchcock's later films "Frenzy" (1972), as a victim raped and murdered in arguably the most graphic sequence Hitchcock ever filmed, and as Lady Catherine de Bourgh in the BBC adaptation of "Pride and Prejudice". At the lake, the four decide they need to touch hands. Melanie is later seen by Angie as she is wandering through the town. As this is a wiki site, feel free to add any additons or corrections you may have. While she slept, she's greeted by Don and eagerly asks for the egg. They arrive at her old house and she remembers seeing pinks stars fall in the forest outside the house and says they should look there.

Big Jim overhears and Melanie leaves, so Big Jim can talk to Junior. When the town gets WiFi temporarily, Joe follows the signal and finds it is coming from the locker that Angie had tried to open when she was murdered. Melanie holes up at the school with Joe and Norrie when red, acidic rain, falls from the sky. Melanie still refuses to give up the egg and Barbie asks to speak to her in private. Barbie tells her that his father had an affair with a woman named Laura and they had a daughter together. Suddenly, an Earthquake is triggered, and Melanie escapes the shelter with Barbie and Julia. She met and married a man 8 years her junior called Richard Owen in 1962 and they married and had 2 children,Jacqueline Owen in August 1963 and Steven Richard Owen in March 1965. Lyle disagreed and pushed Melanie into the meteorite, which caused her to hit her head, and resulted in her death. Whatever plans she had for Julia, come to a hault when Julia mentions her father has the egg. After Christine leaves, Barbie then goes to comfort Julia, they hug and Barbie turns his head one last time to see Melanie. She has also appeared in such films as "Paper Mask" (1990), "Billy Elliot" (2000) and much work on TV, mainly in guest character parts. Barbie doesn't believe Ben and shrugs him off. She fights with Julia, showing unnatural strength, and tries to strangle her.

Melanie somehow knows the combination and opens the locker, making Norrie even more suspicious of her and demands an answer Melanie truthfully says she doesn't know and she just saw the combination in her head. Christine says "I was out looking for food and I saw this girl. While she never appears but is briefly mentioned, Julia is thankful Christine was there to save her from Melanie. Melanie coldly apologizes to his corpse before leaving to follow a butterfly. She comes back to into town with them, and stays with Julia. Actresses can be found under this section organized alphabetically. Angry and hurt, Melanie runs away, with Joe soon catching up. If there's more than one image, you find the images by putting a '1' after the name (firstnamelastname1.jpg) for the first image, then replacing it with a '2' (firstnamelastname2.jpg) for the second. Unknownst to them, the real Melanie that is back under the dome is watching from the caves and isn't happy about Ben trying to find the answer to what's happening. Section needs improvement! Section needs improvement! Julia doubts it's from Barbie and they go to the cliff, where Julia writes an e-mail to Barbie. Images from the Hitchcock Gallery (click to view larger versions or search for all relevant images)..., Actors and actresses who died in a Hitchcock film. Her family, hoping she would return, kept her room undisturbed. Norrie catches up and she and Melanie fight.

", Click here for the original site's link: The Cinemorgue Oscar List. The cynical Max will have to survive annoyingly cheerful counselor David, the weird cast of campers, and bizarre surprises at every turn before he can escape for home. If you'd rather not make changes directly, you can still e-mail me at (for actress information) or (for actor information). Melanie is caught by Barbie going through his things, but she tries to tell him that he looks familiar and that she was just trying to look for reminders of who she is. Don explains how overjoyed he is to see his daughter, then she says to him "But I'm Not. Welcome to the Cinemorgue Wiki After a kiss, she forcibly puts Junior in the coccoon and he's in the illusion with the others. She is portrayed by Sheila Hancock. She points to the name, "Melanie Cross" and Joe looks in the 1987- 88 yearbook, Joe sees Melanie's photo, which reveals that Melanie hasn't aged in 25 years. 1982 they got divorced on November 20, 1991.

Junior refuses to believe it, but later asks Melanie if she thinks Sam is capable of murder. If you have a reference image that comes from a death scene that includes nudity, please crop the image if possible to remove any "naughty bits.".

During the process she tells Junior that "they're waiting" for them (the townspeople) to change, although her meaning is never fully explained. Barbara Katie was born on June 8th, 1982 in Denver, Colorado. Julia then backs away and watches Christine as she pushes Melanie to the ground, Christine then asks Julia "are you okay". After he destroys the egg, the people are freed from the coccoons. Melanie then stays in Sam's cabin and runs away after she wakes up. Ideally, the actor and actress pages should include a reference image from one of their death scenes (though sometimes no image is available, particularly if the film/TV show with the relevant scene is not on video/DVD).

She then intervenes when he attempts to go find her. A note regarding images and video links: While some pages have a "Nudity alert" in the scene descriptions to point out the presence of nudity in the performers' death scenes, I'd like to keep the site open to all by not having any ACTUAL nudity on the site.

Melanie asks Junior to stay with her and guard the egg and they both end up falling asleep. Barbara Leigh-Hunt is a British actress who has appeared on stage, film, television and radio. "Let's Not Bicker and Argue About Who Killed Who...". Julia and Barbie come to the house and tell Junior that Sam killed Angie. ", Julia says "you saved my life". If you are unable to find a specific name, feel free to add that person to the database. She stops Joe before he can shoot her. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. She gives a cold, unsympathic apology and pulls out his body.

Things would've been so much better." She lived with her family in Zenith.

Since 2001, I have maintained The Cinemorgue, an index of "who died in what movie or show." When Angie is found deceased, Melanie becomes the prime suspect because they find her shoe print in the crime scene.