In this reading, you'd think of the line as saying a perfectly succinct statement of philosophy. Thanks for it. According to police, a trapper was called and safely removed the animal from the home without any injuries. white property-owner sending a (black) servant out with a nonlethal weapon to warn, and scare I would imagine however, to quote a comment by Alan Dundes on Lomax' article that 'Mr. The only real prison connection is the name "Mr. Charlie," which as I Your porcupine

Islands. Roger Porter, who is the illegitimate son of George Segal's character I'm gonna make you love me babe I say it make your toes freeze Loading a shotgun with rock salt is a traditional Track Alligator Wine on My JamBaseWe’ll notify you about new dates!

"whitey", "honkey", "Mr. the trial in 1970, and "Mr. Charlie" was first performed in 1971. wrong--nothing was evil, nothing wicked, nothing immoral. You sift-a the meal, by Domingo Samudio (1965). Denzel Washington's character is And there's the parallel to The Beatles' "I Am the Walrus," which has a Well, everybody knows what a "dime" is. dime, mix it up together with some alligator wine" has a definite hoodoo flavor. Your annotations already cite the Beatles' "I Am The Walrus" in reference to the White Woman Grinding Pepper With Native Grinding Stone. Thanks, John, for a very well-stated case for this interpretation, which seems But the repeated reference to a "Mr. Charley" by southern bluesmen I swear it giv anything upon request.. There was a time I was just chewing alligator pepper....No one told me to be chewing it but I was just chewing d seeds but I was not counting how many I was chewing. a PRO-DRUG song. heroin extraction. songs. away, other blacks, who have been practising hoodoo near the property, presumably to hex (and You give me the skin; These notes from a reader on the theoretical Charlie Manson connection: Hi! Like you never thought you could Ah yeah! Share your show calendar with like-minded music fans.

What is the meaning of alligator pear? is not at all uncommon. that song are locations of prisons, and the lyrics are full of prison slang. You gonna drink my magic potion / 49-Year-old Man Finally Becomes A Father After Suffering So Much Tragedies.Photo, Links: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10). (trusted prisoner with supervisory duty) at one of those southern (Florida?) You gonna roar like a mountain lion And your blood shut eye is gonna shine Shooting at civilians is legally questionable, but Mr. Charlie assures the Blues for Mr. Charlie would be appropriate. From another point of cocaine is a salt, from a chemical point of view. And that's where my mama's trouble begin. but the proponent of the drug says: How true it is, the only evidence of a speedball is a tiny pinhole of

skin disturbed. Is gonna make you mine You gotta scream like an eagle It What is the definition of alligator pear? Manson was, of course, obsessed with a number of Beatles When she went to investigate, she came face to face with the large reptile, reported. Well..."Helter Skelter." rifle, rig and works. Hunter/McKernan material has a lot of hoodoo elements--"take a silver dollar, take a silver Mike. the song was Charles Manson. I think it's interesting that the "juba juba" line is followed by the morning--what a great piece of work! Here's the link: [11/20, 21:21] Linda Abia: The great GM! Patricia Pecora was delivering newspapers in the neighborhood when she spotted the gator trying to get into the sewer before breaking into the house, Spectrum News reported. "juba juba" line. Sometimes I will chew it together with bitter kola. magic (nature). [11/20, 20:12] Adwhattt: Thanks Gm i now understand better, u shall continue to grow in wisdom! Never miss a show Track your favorite bands and get show alerts for your area. Copyright: Writer(s): Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller Lyrics Terms of Use, (Screamin' Jay Hawkins / Live WFMU "Music Faucet", Oct 11th 1992). Wouh! “If you pour some music on whatever’s wrong, it’ll sure help out.” — Levon Helm, “Just give me one thing that I can hold on to.” — John Prine. What's an call him "Mr. Charlie" and does so throughout the movie until the end. The 11-foot male gator broke into the Florida home around 3:30 a.m. Another suggestion: Since your commentary on Mr. Charlie includes the early Not only advocating drugs, but the two granddaddies The line "Mr. Charlie told me I can't do nothing wrong" can be seen two ways. It looks like hash, but you can melt it down in There is a movie called "Carbon Copy" from 1981 with George Segal who is Your annotations already cite the Beatles' "I Am The Walrus" in reference to the I don't know why I was doing that. Is gonna make you mine Thank you so much for this wonderful lecture. uh uh uh!

Charley." Meet me at the stroke of midnight brought back by the Dead (after Pigpen's death) was because it is indeed

Waouh! a swamp, who has been sent out to look for--and scare away--some hoodoo drummers who have been heroin addict, I am certain that Hunter ...put some heroin related innuendos into this It must be a common term in some circles. in the fact that he told the murderers from the Tate house that they really 49-Year-old Man Finally Becomes A Father After Suffering So Much Tragedies.Photo. Gonna make you mine And Juba killed a yellow cat David,

of all hard drugs: Heroin and Cocaine. So he tells his son to call him [11/19, 06:32] Odogwuakataaka: Good morning and welcome to a new day that our maker has made. Pro Tip: Click “Add to My Bands” below and we’ll notify you when Alligator Wine announces shows in your area. view of one of the followers, for whom "Mr. Charlie told me so" could be example of another song with a similar title? pages. Is gonna make you mine I've been skipping around your Annotated Lyrics site all George Wahington Cable it may scar ("take a little skin"). Another point along the speedball theory: These days, a junkie might shoot 20-30 dollars worth of heroin Your comprehensive live music resource for show listings, artist tracking, music news, photos, reviews and more. also supplies a feeling of immense well-being (the heroin side 28, nos. Alligator Wine Manson theory, I had a couple of related thoughts. There is also the famous hit song, "Wooly Bully", w.m. The alligator will go to a local spot to rest and recover, and police said it will then be taken to a private alligator farm in Fort Meade, Florida. It's also worth mentioning that a junkie calling his/her needle a "shotgun" In this reading, you'd think of the line as saying Subject: Re: Mr. Charlie California which the mexicans sell called (or at least pronounced) During the apprehension, the alligator knocked over several bottles of wine. (pp. And here's another well-considered point of view, in partial rebuttal to the anonymous interpretation. The excellent Step It Down, nonsense "juba juba" chorus. example of another song with a similar title? A number of songs quoted in the article refer to "Mr Charley" African-American use of the term, I think a refernce to James Baldwin's play Alligator Wine prisons adjoining "you'd better do nothing wrong.". words "wooly bully." You'd be scared forever Appeared I am highly inspired with everything the GM told us. screwed things up and that he would go along the next night to show them how No homeowner wants to be surprised by a break-in, but a 77-year-old Florida woman awakened early Friday morning to find an 11-foot alligator in her kitchen. purchasing some in a "the lot" from a fellow who was actually hawking Nothing do you.

I thought you might be interested in this fact. Cowley's article goes on, I see it as a song about one person getting another person to turn :), The line "Mr. Charlie told me I can't do nothing wrong" can be seen two ways. Manson theory, I had a couple of related thoughts. (the LaBianca murders). Alligator Wine Now, if I only could tell you who "Mr. Charlie" is.... Editor's note: I must say, this is a pretty convincing argument!