© Copyright 2020 Sonex Aircraft, LLC. ACV-P01-41 0.060 Barrel Shim Qty 4 $6.00/set AeroVee Secondary Ignition Grounding, New Assembly Procedure for Flywheel: All Assemblies accomplished using a cold press method must also be removed and checked thoroughly including a magnaflux process on all components to ensure stress cracks are not present. AeroVee Service Check: #1 Bearing Chamfer, A few AeroVee 2.1 Owners have reported that the #1 Bearing feels a little “sticky” when it’s placed on the crankshaft and rotated next to the counterweight.

Download: ACV-SB-091616-1A_Turbo_Oil_Drain_Fitting_Trim.jpg, Optional part ACV-T05-73 Machined Turbo Drain Sump may be used in-place of the existing ACV-T05-46 Turbo Drain Plate. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), AeroVee_Turbo_Air_Cooled_Test_Data_Summary.pdf, http://www.aeroconversions.com/support/aerovee_sb.html, AeroVee_Turbo_Liquid_Cooling_Test_Data_Summary.pdf, AeroVee_Turbo_Liquid_Cooling_Test_Data_Sample-5.pdf.

See the following AeroVee Installation Manual Page that references this hardware and details the proper assembly, Download: ACV-SB-061714_Flywheel_Cap_Screws.pdf. Funny that you can tell what I'm looking by looking at the back of my head.

Any particular quirks? AeroVee Engines Shipped between June 2014 and December 2014 (approx S/N range: 760 – 810), ALL AeroVee Engines with Nikasil Cylinder Option, AeroVee Engines shipped between 3/1/2010 and 8/19/2011, Added: Item 6. Step 3: Remove one set of spark plugs and manually rotate the crankshaft (turn the engine over) 3 or 4 revolutions. Having the pump in the system and not relying on natural convection is valuable for tighter engine installations (Legacy “A-Model” aircraft or the Onex) allowing the radiator to be mounted pretty much anywhere. drilled and tapped for a 1/4-28. Most Recent Bulletins listed first.

Testing results from the various iterations of the system can be seen on AeroVee_Turbo_Liquid_Cooling_Test_Data_Summary.pdf.

Download. After 20 minutes the oil temp suddenly rose to 200 and the engine started to run rough (apparently the CHTs didn't go up much). Fall is now upon us, but our AeroVee Turbo test team managed to run an EXTREME Hot Weather Test of the AeroVee Turbo Cooling System in mid-September, and the results are impressive.

The thermostat turns on the pump and fan when the bearing block temperature is approximately 160 degrees, and shuts off the system when temperature is approximately 130 degrees.

send you the correct hardware at no charge.

The reason for this service notice is to eliminate the possibility of severe damage to the flywheel, secondary ignition and/or alternator if the hardware is not tightened properly or Loctite is not used. Note: If your oil pressure drops below the published operating limits after performing this operation you may need to install an oil pressure adjuster in the rear oil pressure relief port to maintain the minimum oil pressure of between 40 and 50 psi at 3000 rpm. © 2020 Kitplanes.com. We plan to continue testing into the spring and summer seasons with warmer temperatures. It operates with one moving part (no additional drive gears), is mounted on the back of the engine keeping smooth cowl lines, and adds only 2 lbs to the engine package.

The AeroVee Turbo installation in “Red One” was modified to add an external spin-on oil filter as an additional layer of filtration to the existing “mini sump” filter in the AeroVee Turbo engine sump.