But they all have heard of Audre Lorde, whose great contribution to society is basically being black and gay. One month ago, I collected just a few pieces of evidence pointing in this direction: A 2019 poll found… that “more than 80 percent of Americans ages 39 and younger could not say what rights the First Amendment protects, and three-quarters or more couldn’t name any authors of The Federalist Papers.” Another 2019 poll found “just 57 percent of millennials believe the Declaration of Independence ‘better guarantees freedom and equality’ than the Communist Manifesto.” A 2016 Federalist article notes, “40 percent of recent grads were unaware that Congress has the right to declare war and 10 percent think Judge Judy is on the Supreme Court.”. Add to the growing list of civil rights freedom fighters defaced by social justice protestors a Minnesota memorial to three black men who were lynched in 1920 following false rape accusations from a white woman. His statue in Whittier, California, is now spray-painted with the words “F*ck Slave Owner” and “BLM.” Admiral Farragut led the Union fleet at the Battle of Mobile Bay.

At least half of them will be delighted to choose pro-America schools.

I’ve now spent about a decade tracking information like this, and have researched and written about it in more detail than most, and therefore can assure you there is much more to find. Więcej na portalu @PolsatNewsPL i na naszej antenie. That still wasn't enough?

Their hate isn’t blind. Return it to families. Increasingly, Black Lives Matter protesters armed with spray paint and rope are defacing or toppling statues of people who made America a more just and equal place. He tweeted, "I am disgusted and appalled by the acts of vandalism committed against the statue of Thaddeus Kościuszko in D.C., a hero who fought for the independence of both the U.S. and Poland. In February, I presented more such evidence: Today, 4 in 10 Americans who are younger than 39 disagree that the United States “has a history we should be proud of,” according to a 2019 poll by FLAG/YouGov. I implore [the White House] & [the National Park Service] to quickly restore the statue to its original state.

"F*ck You" and "BLM" were spray-painted on the pedestal. The European Jewish Congress called on protest organizers to stop anti-Semitism from spreading "within their ranks." How many more monuments and minds have to get smashed before people who genuinely love their country gain the courage to start fighting effectively for her restoration before it's too late? This Monument across the street from the State House in Boston MA was recently defaced and vandalized by antifa rioters. Yet his statue in Washington, D.C. was vandalized. This prejudiced ignorance appears to be widespread, and unchecked by local authorities. They are well-catechized in what is billed as anti-racist attitudes and activities that are rooted in false information and more likely to instead increase racial tensions. Her newest ebooks are, Abolitionist Monuments Defaced By ‘Anti-Racism’ Rioters Is What Teaching Fake History Gets America, more likely to instead increase racial tensions, written about it in more detail than most, The Education Invasion: How Common Core Fights Parents for Control of American Kids. He played a key role in winning the Battle of Saratoga, earning a promotion to brigadier general. ", Other statues of sympathetic figures have been vandalized, too. The postwar convention of Minnesota niceness in politics has been a disaster. Hardly a one of them, or any other American, can tell you much about George Washington besides he was a slave owner. 2019’s annual poll from the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation found that 37 percent of millennials think the United States is “among the most unequal societies in the world.”. Entire books have and could be written to detail more. Tak zniszczono pomnik Tadeusza Kościuszki w parku Lafayette przed Białym Domem. Copyright © 2020, Media Research Center. They’ve defaced a statue of slavery abolitionist Matthias Baldwin in Philadelphia. They all know Michael Brown put his hands up and said “Don’t shoot” even though he didn’t. As the Post Millennial notes, they spray-painted "the words 'murderer' and 'colonizer' near his name despite the fact that he fought against slavery, fought for black voting rights, and even helped build schools for black children.".

Here’s part of what that would look like: Civil authorities first stopping vandalism and pursuing the vandals to mete out their just, legally determined penalties; second, politicians who claim to love America fighting for her by refusing to send public funds to institutions that fail to prove their graduates honor the country that pays for their education. Farragut's home state of Tennessee seceded, but he remained loyal to the Union. The Victims of Communism memorial was also vandalized by activists who spray-painted "BLM" on it. Since it has been established that Big Tech’s censorship often targets the truth, its clampdown on discussion of electoral integrity indicates it is indeed a concern. His offense? They know little about the Constitution that secured their rights and shaped their society. pic.twitter.com/aAQ0bzIysa. This is no accident. Admiral David Farragut led the Union fleet at the Battle of Mobile Bay. And now, thanks to the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, you can make up to a $300 gift to the 501(c)(3) non-profit organization of your choice and use it as a tax deduction on your 2020 taxes, even if you take the standard deduction on your returns. As a result, "4 in 10 Americans who are younger than 39 disagree that the United States 'has a history we should be proud of,'" according to a 2019 poll. As Elijah Schaffer notes, "BLM protest[e]rs vandalized a statue of John Greenleaf," a "prominent Quaker abolitionist known for his anti-slavery writings." He was also an excellent architect who designed and supervised construction of modern fortifications, such as at West Point. So now we have riots and unfettered monument smashing. Each generation of American children has learned less real history than the generation before it. The poll also found that half of all Americans agree the United States is a sexist and racist country, including two-thirds of millennials. That’s a lot more than pick pro-America schools now. It drives the national debate through real, honest journalism—not by misrepresenting or ignoring the facts. The Lincoln Memorial… THE ONE GUY WHOM THEY CAN THANK FOR NOT BEING SLAVES ANYMORE. Sign up for our CNSNews Daily Newsletter to receive the latest news. The recent riots have given us many more indications that America’s education institutions do not merely keep kids ignorant, but actively teach them to hate their country. Lincoln might have taken a bullet to the head for his life’s work but that’s not enough for the new left-wing outrage circus, because with this group paradoxically trying to rewrite history, nothing will ever be enough to atone for past generations’ sins. And it’s been deliberately aimed at the very country that has paid for and overseen their indoctrination into political violence. “… Add to the growing list of civil rights freedom fighters defaced by social justice protestors a Minnesota memorial to three black men who were lynched in 1920 following false rape accusations from a white woman.”.

Several of the defaced monuments are of abolitionists, including the Great Emancipator Abraham Lincoln, as Tristan Justice reported Thursday. It’s time for a new, non-racist boycott, divest, sanction movement — for taxpayer-funded education.

The last wave of monument destruction, in 2017, largely focused on Confederates and slave holders, erasing all the accomplishments of figures such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson with a scarlet S, for slave-holder. "F*ck You" and "BLM" were spray-painted on the pedestal.

The mission of the Media Research Center is to Big Tech is at it again, this time with Twitter censoring The Federalist’s co-founder Sean Davis. 12 posted on 06/12/2020 2:32:35 PM PDT by left that other site (If you do not stand firm in your faith, you will not stand at all. Evidently THESE Black Lives, given in the cause of the Union, don't matter.

For example, a 2019 poll found that “more than 80 percent of Americans ages 39 and younger could not say what rights the First Amendment protects, and three-quarters or more couldn’t name any authors of The Federalist Papers.” Another 2019 poll found “only 57 percent of millennials believe the Declaration of Independence better 'guarantees freedom and equality’ over [the] Communist Manifesto.”. French protesters decrying the killing of George Floyd chanted anti-Semitic slogans such as "dirty Jews." As the protests have gone global, so too has the ignorance of Lincoln’s historical influence, where monuments paying homage to the 16th president have been subject to mob vandalism abroad. None of that mattered to rioters however, who spray painted the words “murderer” and “colonizer” near his name. (Photo credit: Twitter/DawidStys). Admiral Farragut led the Union fleet at the Battle of Mobile Bay. Na pomnik również sikano, pluto. Just refer to any of the emails and website banners you’ve been subjected to from every company you’ve ever purchased from online, detailing about how they’re all “fighting racism” by frantically donating to people and organizations that make a living off heightened racial tensions. The work depicts Farragut, the noted United States Navy admiral of the Civil War , standing in naval uniform with binoculars and sword; the statue rests upon a plinth and then a pedestal , surrounded by a semicircular, winged exedra , which features a bas-relief figure of a seated female on … Big Tech Censorship Is Proof That Media Are Trying To Steal The Election For Democrats, Twitter Is Censoring Sean Davis For Quoting PA’s Supreme Court Decision Allowing Post-Election Ballots. Its president said, “The people who claim to march against hate and racism while shouting violent anti-Semitic statements are hypocrites.”. It memorializes the hundred million people butchered by communist regimes in the twentieth century. ‘Nothing in this constitution shall be construed to secure or protect a right to abortion or require the funding of abortion,’ Amendment 1 reads. Each generation of American children has instead been subject to greater levels of indoctrination in place of genuine education.

They know little about our Constitution or how it and America's democratic institutions have served as a valuable model for many other countries in creating their own democracies.

CNSNews covers the stories that the liberal media are afraid to touch. This time, the ignorance has descended even further. The censorship of the president came after a reporter from NBC News publicly proclaimed he had reached out to Twitter about Trump’s tweets. Protestors in Duluth spray-painted graffiti on the Clayton Jackson McGhie memorial never mind their fall to real racism exactly 100 years ago. Farragut's home state of Tennessee seceded and joined the rebellion, but he remained loyal to the Union. Like the mobs who burned The Satanic Verses without ever reading the book, the mobs destroy monuments to …

Joy Pullman theorizes that some of the vandalism is due to historical ignorance: Protesters who know next to nothing about America's history view historical statues as simply racism to be expunged indiscriminately.

In the New West, history is blasphemy pic.twitter.com/10HljAqhs7, “[I]n Boston, demonstrators also vandalized a monument to the 54th Massachusetts regiment, the second all-black volunteer regiment of the Union Army,” Justice writes. Ten protest z pokojową manifestacją nie ma nic wspólnego. His statue in Whittier, Calif. is now spray-painted with what appears to be the words "F*ck Slave Owner" and "BLM.". The statue, cast in 1880 and dedicated on May 25, 1881, is set on a Coopersburg, Pennsylvania black granite pedestal.

The imagery couldn’t be more direct. He fought to save his country from destruction and ensured that Americans held in bondage would live free.

The rioters are now tearing down and defacing memorials wantonly, apparently assuming that if someone is being celebrated that person is “probably a racist,” as the image below says.